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Introducing The P.G.P.R.
Better Health Team

  • photo of Vicki


    The longest serving member of the Better Health Team. Vicki's voice is most likely to be the one that will greet you when you call us and she's the one in charge - it might be Paul's name above the door here at P.G.P.R, but this is the girl who really runs the…

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  • photo of Paul


    Paul is a published Author (latest book on Amazon titled: "The Healthy Habit") and previously worked with Darlington and Middlesbrough football clubs and at the exclusive Woodlands Private Hospital before setting up the Physio Rooms back in 2007. Paul works extensively…

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  • photo of Jonny


    Head hunted and hand picked by Paul, all the way back from from India!...That's right, Jonny has already earned a great reputation as a leading sports and muscle physiotherapist on the international stage...and Paul managed to persuade him to quit his job working in…

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  • photo of Kevan


    Head of the Sports Science department here and a Deep Massage Specialist, Kevan is the "go-to" expert for anyone suffering with tight, tense, torn, stiff or achy MUSCLES (..sports or not). He is the "king" of the clinic when it comes deep tissue massage,…

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  • photo of Jordan


    One of our top Sports Therapists here at Paul Gough Physio Rooms, growing up Jordan spent a lot of time having physiotherapy himself! Playing for a local Cricket Team, Jordan experienced a number of different sports injuries - the worst being a shoulder injury which stopped…

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  • photo of Sarah



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  • photo of Becky


    Becky has been part of the Paul Gough Team since 2012 and has definitely found her feet. Becky is a keen accountant, as well as a dedicated better health team assistant. If you call us up, and she answers the phone, don't make her laugh... she never stops once she starts,…

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  • photo of Jessica B

    Jessica B

    Jessica came to us after working in a firm of solicitors dealing with legal aid family billing and has almost 10 years of office experience. She LOVE'S the gym, crossift and the buzz she gets from exercising and achieving something she never thought she ever could!…

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  • photo of Rachel


    Rachel is our youngest member of the Paul Gough team, and often called Junior. Rachel is one of our number loving Accountants, when you call into the Hartlepool clinic, Rachel will greet you with a smile and will be more than happy to have a chat with a latte. 

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  • photo of Amy


    Amy moved from London to be Paul's Social Media and Marketing girl. All of those crazy videos you see on Facebook, yep... Amy makes us do them.  If you ever need any help setting up a Twitter and Facebook profile, just ask Amy, she'll be able to help!

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