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[Healthy Habit] What The “Slimming Clubs” Don’t Want You To Know About Losing Weight (Chapter 5)

Let me tell you a little story from my new book:


Now, I wrote the section you’re about to read in response to the growing number of people I see that are constantly in a battle with their “weight”…

….and always frustrated by the lack of SUSTAINED progress, they seem to be able to make.

What’s more:

The impact that losing just a few lbs can have on protecting vital joints 9such as knee, hip and lower back) is so profound, that I felt it I MUST include a couple or three sections on “weigh loss”.

This one is titled “How to stay out of Fat Club”...based upon a true, real life situation that was happening with three of my own members of staff!

And, here are the first few paragraphs of the section that you’ll find in chapter 6 of the book when you order it:




“LET’S STAY on the topic of weight loss.

In my clinic and with my office staff, it’s nearly always a hot topic of conversation. And there’s lots of confusion, dangerous half- truths and even myths about the best ways to avoid getting, or feeling, or actually being, fat!

Would you like to know some hard-hitting truths about this topic? You do? Good!

So, about getting fat… the rule is this: it’s affected 80% by what you eat, and how active you are accounts for only 20% of what fat remains in your body.

And if looking slim and trim is your goal, those are just one of many facts that you need to know about.

Another is the daily average calorie intake you’re allowed to consume before you will get fat (or fatter), which is approximately 2500 for men, 2000 for a woman.

Go over that limit for a few too many days on the trot and you will get fat! Simple.

If you don’t want to get fat, you’re also going to need two more things. One is discipline and the other is an understanding that whatever diet you choose – and remember that you are choosing your own diet with every decision over what YOU choose to consume – it must be sustainable.

That is, you must be able to keep it up for more than a week (the latter being why most people fall off their diets).

Summer is the time when most people are more aware of their weight. After a long winter of eating chocolate and heavy meals to warm you up, combined with dark nights and sitting on the couch, just about everyone wants to be trim for summer, usually so they can fit into their nice clothes or wear less of them.


OK, picture a time when you’re coming back from a holiday. Chances are on the flight on the way home you were already thinking about starting a diet – knowing how hard it’s going to be to lose the pounds you’ve just so easily enjoyed putting on.

But here’s the thing: if you are ever going to go on a diet, sustainability is crucial and you should always be asking this question: will I be able to keep this diet up for a long time?

That’s the one and only thing you should be ramming down your neck when considering a diet.

I have two girls in my office and they are both regularly in and out of weight loss clubs. If you ask me, they look fabulously healthy as it is – but I guess it’s each to their own.

The one thing I point out to both, even when they come in pleased as punch about how many pounds they’ve lost this week at fat club (their words, not mine), is this: can you sustain whatever it is that is causing the weight to drop off?

And if they answer “no”, then I tell them to forget the whole thing, because it’s a short-term pleasure that will bring more false hope than anything else.

Here’s what I mean: how many times have you been on a diet, sacrificed lots of situations where you might have been able to enjoy a nice meal or an evening out with friends, all for the pleasure rush of losing a few pounds, just to look better?

Sure, you might have achieved it, but how long before you suffered the disappointment of the “flab” coming back, just a few weeks after going back to your old eating habits?

And why I included it in the book is simple: because if you … answer continued on page 112 of the book, The Healthy Habit!



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Paul Gough
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