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How To Wake Up Earlier, Get More Done, And Stop Hitting Snooze

Summer officially began last Wednesday, and with that comes brighter evenings, and brighter mornings…

So you’d think waking up earlier would feel easier, right?

It’s no longer dark when your alarm clock goes off so it doesn’t feel like you should still be asleep…

It’s no longer unbearably cold making it a battle to throw the duvet off and get up…

So getting out of bed on a morning, should feel easier… But not exactly.

In an ideal world as soon as the alarm goes off, you’d jump out of bed, into the shower, and be ready to start your day without worrying about rushing out the door.

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Simple Changes To Make To Your Night Time Routine – To Wake Up Earlier, Easier

The sun is setting later, and it’s rising earlier.

And if the thought of early morning’s make you want to crawl back under your duvet and hide away from the world…

There’s no doubt about it when I say, you’re not alone.

In fact, I used to be on Team ‘Night Owl’ for years.

From the get go I was a nightmare to get out of bed in the morning before school. I don’t know how my Mam did it, she deserves an award.

And as I grew older, waking up didn’t get any easier.

By the time Secondary School came, I’d struggle to get out of bed to get to school on time, and all through my sixth form years, an ‘early’ bed time for me would be 1am.

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Why Ab Exercises To Lose Weight Can Hurt Your Back – And What To Do Instead

Summer holidays are coming up, and beach weather is just around the corner (well, we hope! lol), and one of the most common things we hear clients talking about on the sofa in our clinic is this:

The topic of getting ‘summer body ready’ and losing stomach fat so they can go to the beach.

But let me just get one thing straight quickly, you can go to the beach no matter what your body type is, or what it looks like! So if you’re worrying about being ‘beach body ready’, I’d urge you to relax and enjoy all the time you have away, rather than fussing over how your body looks.

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“Is Walking Bad For My Knees?…”

We had a gentleman stop by in our Hartlepool clinic last week and he asked us this…

“Is walking bad for my knees?”

He told us he started to experience knee pain a few years ago when walking down the stairs and thought nothing of it at first, and thought it was just something that would ‘wear off’ with time.

But when he noticed the pain in his knees every time he either went down the stairs, or walked up and down hills with his dog, he thought he better do something about it.

So he went to his Doctor, who at first told him to rest and to take painkillers to help ease the pain.

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Stay Healthy On Your Summer Holiday With These Simple Tips

Got a Summer holiday planned and coming up soon?

If your answer’s ‘yes’, this article is perfect for you.

Whether it’s a mini get-away in England, or if you’re jetting off for a change of scenery and a dose of sunshine… A holiday should be a chance to relax, unwind and completely enjoy yourself.

But how many holidays start out with the best intentions and end up with a week’s worth of regrets?

We can go months and months sticking to a pretty healthy and active routine, eating healthy, never missing our favourite exercise class with a friend or walk along the coast and staying on target, but a single week of going away can be enough to throw us completely off balance, and make us feel like we’ve gone all the way back to square one.

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“I Didn’t Realise My Balance Was That Bad!…”

This week we had great fun in the clinic.

We held our “Better Balance and Less Falls” event for anyone who wanted to come along and put their balance to the test, and for anyone who has noticed they’re feeling a bit unsteady on their feet lately.

Here’s a picture from the event:

During the event we did a lot of fun activities like playing a game or two of ‘one-legged darts’, and the ‘can you walk in a straight line?’ test, to find out just how steady (or just how wobbly) everyone was on their feet.

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“Why Does My Wife Keep Falling Over?”

A gentleman called the clinic the other day with growing concerns about his wife, and asked us this:

“Why does my wife keep falling over?…”

He continued to tell us that his wife, Linda, 71, generally has good health, but lately she’s been having difficulty controlling her balance and loses confidence every time she falls – so much so, that she’s scared to leave the house without him, or their Daughter by her side, just incase she falls over and there’s no one there to help her get back up.

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Everyday Activities That Count As Exercise

Got asked this question last week by a client who wanted to know:

“I wish I could go to the gym but I find it hard to find the time!

Are there things we can do everyday (without going to the gym), that count as good exercise?

I don’t always want to go to the gym, and the thought of going for a run doesn’t appeal to me!”

In an ideal world, most of us would like to hit the gym and and fit in some form of exercise daily.

But sometimes, life gets the best of us, and we are too busy and swamped with things to do to actually make it to the gym and get a workout in.

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5 Great Things To Do In The North East If You Didn’t Have Back Pain

The North East of England is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From historic castles and cathedrals, famous islands stunning city streets to award-winning beaches.

We really do have it all.

Living in the North East means you can walk along sandy coastlines, explore the region’s past and hike through national parks filled with natural beauty.

But if you’ve got back pain – then it becomes tough (and almost impossible) to enjoy all the North East has to offer.

Just the other week we had 4 people ring the clinic telling us their back pain has ‘flared up’ AGAIN!

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Why Eating Chocolate Can Be Good For You!

Chocoholics, rejoice!

(Yes you did read the blog title right)…

After Easter leaves us feeling like we’ve entered a food coma for 72 hours, interrupted by a family roast and maybe a little spot of self-loathing as we finish our seventh Creme egg…

The good news is, chocolate CAN actually be good for you, and has plenty of health benefits too – so you don’t have to beat yourself up!

Now of course, there’s a reason Doctors and health professionals aren’t telling you to go to the nearest store and stock up on as much Cadbury’s as you can possibly get your hands on. When it comes to your health, chocolate can be a bit of a mixed bag…

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