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Neck and Shoulder Pain — End It Like Pat And Richie (Video)

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Nobody likes to suffer any longer than they have too.

But I bet sometimes you feel as though you’re forced too.

As if living with neck and shoulder tension is inevitable and there isn’t a choice.


Well, it’s because there’s often so much confusion about WHAT you should actually go and do for the best.

For one, you’ve likely got the GP telling you to rest and “try these painkillers”, and then on the other hand some else will come long and tell you that you should be “doing some exercises”.

They’re both so polar opposite that it’s tempting to just do nothing for fear of getting it completely wrong and making things even worse.

And in the mean time whilst you decide what to do for the best, the stubborn pain and tension you are suffering from, remains.

(Maybe, even worsens.)

And that isn’t nice, nor is it a healthy way to live.

But there’s also another obstacle or road block to getting the right advice that you need, and that’s the “fear” of going to see people who just don’t understand what you want them to do.

“Meet Pat and Richie”.

They’re in their 50’s and from Middlesbrough and they came to see us both suffering with neck and shoulder pain and because they were fed up with other osteopaths, chiropractors and physios, who didn’t seem to “get” what they wanted to achieve.

And because they had been messed around so badly by other “health care professionals” they stalled over going to try another one, for two full years.

(That means they had to put on hold feeling healthy for 24 months…)

Now, I don’t know how long you have suffered, but 24 months is a seriously long time to go to bed with and wake up each day with nagging, daily and VERY annoying pain or tension in your neck and shoulders.

Luckily for Pat and Richie, they bumped into an old friend from Middlesbrough one day who told them ALL about us.

And they gave us a chance to put right, what the other physios and chiropractors had messed up.

More importantly, they gave us a chance to work on their tight tense muscles by hand, doing the expert massage techniques that really make a difference, and to do for them our specialist technique of manual realignment.

(Thats the one that makes people feel better and move easier, in minutes…)

Of course, we gave them the right exercises to do at home and talked them through all of the ways that they could keep active and healthy for many years to come — which is their number one goal.

And what’s nice is they both agreed to come on camera to talk to you about their story.

Interesting to hear around the 2 minute 35 second mark how Richie vents his anger at other people, including the GP and the NHS, who he feels wasted his and his wife’s time, even let him down with the poor advice given out over there.

Press play to hear more from Pat And Richie.

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And that would make a HUGE difference right?

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It’s where nearly all of our clients with neck and shoulder pain start out — to join them, call us 01429 866771.

Best wishes,

Paul 😉

P.S Everything on that phone call will please you and make you very happy like you hope, or we’ll GIFT you a FREE “in-person” appointment to compensate you for your time lost.

I want to make it clear that our goal is to make you very happy with EVERYTHING that you get from us and this telephone call will be no different.

It will give you answers, peace of mind, clarity and some very handy and helpful tips you can use right away, or you can have a free session at one of our 4 physio clinics, in the next 7 days.

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