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7 Ways Life Could Be A Lot Better Living Without Chronic Joint Pain

Got a complaint from a not so happy reader of my emails that I will share with you in just a minute.

But first, something else as important:

…Nearly everybody who suffers from chronic knee, back or neck pain, wishes they could find a way to get long term relief from it.

And if that’s you, before I show you how I might be able to help you, here’s a list of the 7 main reasons why exploring “every avenue possible” (to find relief from joint pain), is a worthwhile exercise.

Without any, or even just with less chronic joint pain, you could do any, all, or some of these:


1.) Stop taking painkillers

2.) Stop bothering the GP and spend that time doing something LESS frustrating and more enjoyable

3.) Avoid wearing a back or knee support (which only makes things worse, not better like you hope) and isn’t that healthy or comfortable to wear

4.) Suffer less swelling or pain, AFTER you’ve been for a walk

5.) Spend more time in the garden or playing with grandchildren

6.) Find more energy when you can sleep better with less aches and pains which won’t be waking you up

7.) Live free from the frustrations and restrictions of always having to think and wonder if your knee or lower back will even let you do what you want to do tomorrow, or go where you want without suffering so much pain or stiffness….


…And honestly, I could go on!

Living with chronic joint is not nice ;-(

And people come to us on a daily basis asking what can be done to help find relief from long lasting problems such as knee and lower back pain, or migraines and headaches.

And one of those ways is to fight joint pain with a totally new and different approach.

One which could involve something like acupuncture which MANY people aged 50+ find relief from…

…and if it’s combined with 4 other very natural therapies (in one treatment plan), that is PERFECT for people who really wish there was another way to dampen down joint pain, other than the painkillers routinely given out by GP’s, then chances are high you will find relief.

Anyhow, I’ve said to much about the new “Organic” care plan that involves a lot of acupuncture and from which a lot of our clients aged 50+ suffering with back, neck or knee pain are getting SERIOUS amounts of relief off of.

All I wanted to do today was remind you that there are 2 free Acupuncture taster sessions remaining.

You don’t get everything that some one else who is currently paying for it would get, that wouldn’t be fair…

…but if you think you’d like to find a way to get NATURAL relief from any joint pain you’re currently suffering from, what’s holding you back from giving it a closer look?

The Free Taster for Acupuncture gives you a chance to get a “sample” for how it works, ask your questions (even inspect the needles) and see for your self exactly how and where we would place them, to give you the relief you want – all without ANY financial commitment needed.

Why do we offer it?

Because too many people are suffering and us removing the obstacles like this is sure to help you make a better, more educated and more informed decision about whether you think it’s right for you, free from any risk.

Now, there were “TWO” sessions left as I started writing this email…

If you want one, please reply to this email before 2 other people do (leaving your best contact number), and the opportunity closes at 3pm on Saturday, either way, so please act decisively.

(or call: 01429 866771)

Have a great day!

Paul :=)

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P.S About the “complaint” I received from the email I sent round about Jonnys Indian wedding (last Sunday at 9am…)

Well, the complaint came all the way from India!

…From Jonnys fiancé “Caroline”!

If you recall, I pointed out how we had all (clients and staff) observed that he was less than willing to talk much about the BIG day looming and how we were concerned about how “apprehensive” he seemed…

Well guess what?

Unbeknown to me, his Indian girlfriend ALSO gets these emails and she wasn’t too impressed.

Needless to say, Caroline (his “fiancé”)… has booked a flight (with Emirates) from “Kalkutta” to Newcastle and is demanding show down talks with Jonny about his intentions and wants to know if they are “honourable”, or not!

So, spare a thought for Jonny this weekend.

Caroline lands at 11.50am on Sunday — and “jee”, is that lad in for it when she gets off the plane ;-(

P.P.S Hit reply to claim your free taster to get relief from chronic joint pain 😉

Paul Gough
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