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Back Pain : Why “Free” Physio Isn’t Really Free!

About the “freebie” NHS option…

Yesterday I had a LONG conversation with a new client of mine suffering with back pain who reminded me of a few of the reasons many people choose to PAY money to come and see me.

(Rather than get if “free” off the NHS).

My clients name is Bryan, works at “BnQ”, and is aged 57 from Hartlepool. Here’s what he told me:


“Paul… The free public health system – it’s not really free at all, is it!

I appreciate that no actual money changes hands when a member of the public decides to use the “public health” service – but there are many other COSTS involved that are not directly measured by physical money changing hands.

The biggest “cost” I found was time… they had me not he waiting list for 5 weeks and I hadn’t heard a thing in that time.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not acceptable and the “free system” is costing people a lot more than they think, if they’re not careful.


And here’s what he went on to bring up about how the NHS actually costs you MORE than any money is worth:

* Time – You spend (and waste) more time on the waiting list that you would like to. It’s okay to be on the waiting list for 12 weeks for a new car or something martial like that, but NOT so when trying to find a solution to a health problem such as back pain which is stopping you from enjoying life, sleeping at night, going to work, or from playing with Grandchildren or children.

* Lack of choice – regarding the actual Physio who delivers the treatment to ease your back pain, like you need! In the public model, most often you get allocated to a physio and have little or no control over how experienced or how good they actually are at solving YOUR type of back pain.

* The quality – of the public health physio service may not be as high or as tightly controlled as it is in the private sector.

* The location – where the public healthy service is being delivered may be inconvenient and give you little choice over where or WHEN (i.e. after work) you need to go to receive the so called “free” physio.

* The range of the actual appointment times – and days maybe restricted – making the public sector model VERY inconvenient and you certainly won’t get anything like access to the done for you, hands on style treatment that nearly everyone suffering with bak pain, really needs.

* Your ability to COMPLAIN – and have any unhappiness handled – there is no doubt that once you are paying for a service your ability to demand higher quality and complain if it is not delivered – increases dramatically.

At my private clinic, we go one step further and INSIST on clients asking for ALL their money back if they are not left healthy and happy.


what you’ve just read are just a few of the possible “non-financial” costs involved when you decided to use a supposedly “free” public health system.

The harsh reality is this:

If you want more choice and more control, and more certainty in the outcome from Physio that you’re going to get for your back pain, then you won’t get it from the NHS.

I can tell you that what most people who come and see me love about doing so is that they are HAPPY to have greater choice over who delivers their care, where it is delivered, when it is delivered and to feel more in control of the process and their health.

If that’s you, then I have the perfect place for us to meet:

And that’s at one of my “free taster” session which lets you get a sample of the quality of the care that I can give you – without any need whatsoever for you to commit to it financially until you’ve decide that I am the best person to help you like you hope.

Please take a look at this video I made for you here…

<< Yes Paul! I Want To Start With a Non-Committal Free Physio Taster Session >>

Then scroll down the page and fill out the form which is waiting for you and lets us know that you want FULL CONTROL over everything to do with how your back pain is resolved.

Here it is again:

<< Yes Paul! I Want To Start With a Non-Committal Free Physio Taster Session >>

I’ll see you in my physio room 😉


P.S It’s true about the guarantee…

If you do decided to come to my place for your treatment after your free taster, any money you pay is backed by an iron clad guarantee…

IF we don’t deliver on my promise to make your back better and you healthy, you can rightly ask for all your investment back and you’ll be given it immediately with no questions asked and we’ll still remain friends.

The form is here waiting for you :

<< Yes Paul! I Want To Start With a Non-Committal Free Physio Taster Session >>

Paul Gough
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