The longest serving member of the Better Health Team. Vicki's voice is most likely to be the one that will greet you when you call us and she's the one in charge - it might be Paul's name above the door here at P.G.P.R, but this is the girl who really runs the show!

Paul picked Vicki in the summer of 2009 after working for many years at a dental practice in Hartlepool. Vicki's sincerity and warmth have proved to be very popular with our patients and she is now the go to person for the all the other members of the Better Health Team.

Vicki is a warm and popular member of the Better Health Team...and also appears to be the luckiest! A regular visitor to bingo halls across the north east, we are constantly hearing of her ever increasing prize money tally and near 'FULL HOUSE' misses! She loves Yoga and is the very proud Mother of her son Charlie.

Tip: Before we employed Vicki, she was originally one of our patients - an overuse injury sustained by gripping her bingo dabber too tightly and frequently.

  • Qualifications: Admin
  • Born: Hartlepool
  • Now lives: Hartlepool


  • Place: There's no place like home 🙂
  • Restaurant: Casa del Mar
  • Food: Tapas
  • Holiday: Vegas baby!
  • City: Barcelona
  • TV show: Coronation street
  • Film: Anything with Gerrard Butler in
  • Singer/Group: The Killers and Bon Jovi
  • Celebrity: Gordon Ramsay
  • Book:  The Healthy Habit (of course)
  • Sports: Football and Tennis
  • Team: Newcastle Utd
  • Hobbies: DIY / house shopping and spending all my spare time with my little boy Charlie
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