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A “Cracking” Fitness Story From The Windy City…

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Travel tips AND Fitness tips this week.

So I took a trip to the USA this week to boost my “resume” and continue my education by attending another Fitness Industry Seminar.

And as I write, I’m in the very windy city of Chicago.

What’s great about Chicago is it’s one of those places that when you’re in the middle of it, you can’t help but feel great! I’d go so far as to say it’s the most active and “fit” city that I’ve noticed on my travels, anywhere in the world.

If you’re not familiar with the geography of Chicago – it’s a City pitched right on Lake Michigan, which is huge. And because of that, it gets pretty windy. But the lake comes in handy for the all the people who want to keep fit.

There’s designated swimming lanes in it with year round life guards (even in winter), a running and cycle lane, and one for walking too. Not to mention kids with Dads playing “Soccer” or Baseball, and Basketball too, in the local parks. So wherever you look, or are, you’re in the thick of people doing something that’s great for their health.

And that’s great! Because even just the sight of people being active and taking care of their health, can at that moment, very easily inspire you to want to take care of your own.

More: I was wondering around the Grant Park area on Saturday morning and witnessed two “fun” runs: one for breast cancer and one supporting Prostate, and I also witnessed and couldn’t help but join in, a 2500+ people strong, open air Yoga class in the very same Park.

Now, I learned loads during my conference here. But being here really got me thinking about the importance of the (positive) impact YOU can have upon others, in their attempts to keep active and healthy.

Your children and grandchildren in particular. It’s true that if they see you being active, they’ll likely want to do it too. If they see Mam or Dad sat on the couch night after night, then they’ll likely do the same.

And that’s fine! It’s just not great for your heart and lungs, in the end. And so this weeks column comes with a little reminder that you being active is not only great for your own health, but you’ll likely be adding value to the health of the people close to you, as they inevitably want to tag along.

And that would be a nice thing to be responsible for, right?

P.S Imagine this happening to you…

Chicago has two huge towers called the Hancock and Willis Towers. And both have one of those glass ledges that you can step out on to where you can see the whole city beneath you and from 1000 feet up.

And believe it or not, whilst I was here but not whilst I was on it, one of those glass ledges cracked and shattered as three people where smiling and having their picture taken. They got off it in a hurry and safely but the story made quiet a fuss in the Windy City for the next few days.

Printed in the Hartlepool Mail. 03-06-2014

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More sports injury & fitness tips when you look here: www.paulgoughphysio.com/sports-injury-clinic

Paul Gough
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