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A whole week WITHOUT any of these ;-)

Been talking all week in ‘clinic about this one:

(Let’s see what you think…)

People go on diets all the time, right?

If you don’t like your weight, you stop eating certain foods.

If your spending is out of control, you’d cut up the credit cards.

And if you needed a bit of quiet time, you’d maybe step outside and take a walk on your own (…works for me all the time).

Now, you could argue that these three are all diets – in some way shape or form.

And are all good for your health, wouldn’t you agree?

But what about your “creative” health?

We all need some of that, right?

Despite how we’re taught at school – to memorise EVERYTHING and hope it sticks, and that one day, or someday, we’ll need to “recall” it, most of the success we’ll ever have in life stems from your ability to “create” (…something out of nothing).

And in a book I’ve just finished reading by a dancer from New York City by the name of Twyla Tharp, it hints strongly that most of us would do our creative habit AND health some good, just by switching off from a few of “these” things.

So, here’s my question to you Paul, could you go a week without ANY of these?

* Mirrors – GASP! Think you could manage a week without looking into one? “What would my hair look like” – I can already hear what you’re thinking. Reason why it’s important? You’ll be forced to stop looking at your self and spend more time focusing on others.

* Clocks – Could you shield your eyes from one for a week? If you’re engaged in what you’re doing, time, doesn’t really matter. And if you’re late for something? “So what”!…Most people are too busy checking Facebook to notice anyways! And if you’re spending time looking at the clock all day – kinda’ tells you something ain’t right with where you are, don’t you think?

* Newspapers – Could you do without knowing the political goss’ or the cleebrity “gen” or that energy prices are going up again… for one whole week? (Hint: I did this almost two years ago and I’ve no plans to ever read either again…hence how I get time to read so my inspiring books).

* TV (!) – As above. How much of your “thinking time” is being taken up by focusing on “who shot who” in Emmerdale or Eastenders?

* SPEAKING!!….Imagine a week without this! (…and no cheating by sending text messages).

And there’s more…

* The telephone

* The computer

* The coffee shop

* The car

* Etc etc…

Anyhoo’, you get the idea.

There are a lot of distractions out there – and nearly all of them, you and I can live with out.

(At least for a little while…)

SO, back to my question, “could you go a week without any of these”?

I’d be interested to hear if YOU could (…or have).


I’ll continue the discussion and feature the replies in next Sundays email.

Oh and btw – if you want to read more on this, the book is called:

“The Creative Habit”

– By Twyla Tharp.

She’s one of America’s greatest choreographers and there’s a chance that if you’re into musicals, ballets or been to the theater any time in the last 30 years, this lady has been responsible for the “show”.

Easy book to read, and very thought provoking, too.

Read it free from distraction and you’ll likely get loads from it.


Paul 😉

Paul Gough
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