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Achilles Tendon Snap…Ouch! (End Pain like Jayne)

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At this moment, because I don’t know you or your health concerns personally, I can only guess what brought you to my website.

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And I’m NOT just talking about to find a solution to your ankle pain.

What I mean is…

It’s more than likely that you felt you had no option BUT to look for solid and reliable advice because of one or all of the following:


1.) You’ve been let down badly by the NHS Physio dept. who have so far failed to offer anything that even looks like it’s the right advice or the the type of care you wanted.

2.) You’re fed up of waiting for the NHS referral to come through and you can’t stand the thought of loosing another day to your foot pain.

3.) You’re like most people who also don’t like much the advice given out by GP’s these days anyway – which nearly always involves NOT much more than 6 weeks rest and taking some painkillers.

4.) You are VERY serious about your health and you just want the BEST possible advice and help to get you active and healthy again, as quickly as possible.


Now, let me tell you a quick story…

It’s of a Lady who came to see me not so long ago because of a combination of *ALL* of the above.

Mainly, she was *frustrated* at waiting all this time for the NHS to send her a referral, as well as being *annoyed* by the lack of help and advice given to her by her GP.

“Meet Jayne”

Jayne came to see me with a SNAPPED Achilles Tendon.


Of all of the injuries that I’ve seen over the years, snapping an Achilles tendon is high on the list of being the most painful you could ever suffer.

Her main goal from coming to Physio was “to get active again and be able to play with her children”, like she loved to do.

I always get the sense that when something bad like this happens, it’s the very simple things in life that people miss most.

Sure, pain is an issue.

(Of course it is…)

But it’s what that pain causes you to miss out on, that is usually the reason why most of our clients come and see us.

“What is it that you are currently missing out on”?

Kindly, Jayne has gone on camera for you to share her story.

You can hear in her own words:

* How frustrated she was at waiting for the NHS to deliver help that didn’t arrive…

* Why we made her VERY happy and it as much to do with what we said, as much as what we did…

* Why she is ever so thankful that someone she knew told her about us…

* Why she KNOWS she never would have gotten better had she not had a physio on hand to offer support and encouragement

* And even why what she got from Physio was nothing like she had expected, and in a good way…

Watch Jayne’s FULL story on video…

And then, if you’re ready and you’d like to get PROVEN RESULTS like Jayne did, start by talking to us on the phone:

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We’ll confirm that we CAN help YOU like you hope and we’ll even give away some hints and “tips” you can use to make a positive difference, right after the call ends.

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We’d LOVE to help YOU out like we did Jayne and her family 😉


P.S On the Complimentary Telephone Call…

You’re going to LOVE what you’ll discover because it’s where we’ll show you why we could be your BEST option if you’re aged 41 or over and want to be ACTIVE again fast

– PLUS –

We’ll also show you what makes us different from all of the other options you’ve got


When we talk, you’ll realise why most clients who start out sceptical about Physio, in the end “LOVE” what we do, and how it has everything to do with what happens the first time we SPEAK…

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Paul Gough
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