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Ankle Sprains – The “Just REST it Myth”

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Here’s the BIG problem with too much REST of **ANKLE SPRAINS** and why it hardly ever works:


“Hi Paul…

Here’s my question to you:

Why, when I went to see my GP, did he tell me to “rest from golf 6 weeks”?

I’d gone to see him after I’d slipped from a ladder and sprained my right ankle. Now, I’m no expert, but since I’ve rested and pulled back from golf almost completely, it’s actually gotten worse.

No pain when I rest, non what so ever.

But I’ve most certainly felt a noticeable worsening when I’m trying to walk about town. Worse, seems to take me forever to get going again once I’ve stopped.

Can you kindly spare me your thoughts or shed any light upon it?

In anticipation of your time, Thanks”.

– Jimmy Boylin, 52 Hartlepool.


Absolutely Jimmy and I’ll take time and great pleasure doing it for you…

I’d say that 9 out of 10 ankle sprains WILL NOT get any better with rest (So Jimmy isn’t alone here).

Sure, pain will drop with time and will likely go when you’re resting. But being “free from pain” when you rest, is NOT the goal.

Being “free from pain” when you play GOLF (in Jimmy’s case here) or what ever you LOVE to do, “is”.

It’s very easy for Doctors to advise “some rest” just because it dampens down any pain, doesn’t take much thought or skill, and they hope that there’ll be no follow up needed.

Doing this, the GP doesn’t really show much care for all of the other things that you LOVE to do in your life, that you’ll have to stop.

But the problem is thus:

Ankles left for too long after an injury WILL tighten and stiffen and all because of something called “scar tissue”.

It’s a “glue”, or cement like substance your body uses to “heal” damaged ankle ligaments when they’re sprained.

But it needs to be stretched and make flexible at just the right time, so that your foot still moves. Otherwise, it just ends up “rock solid” and your foot is left feeling overly stiff.

(In theory, the GP, should, after 10 days or so have been advising you to play MORE golf..)

And here’s why advising rest for an ankle is dangerous:

It’s the same GP you’d be going back to see in a few months time with “illnesses” and “diseases” that you’ll inevitably pick up as a result of being inactive (and being indoors, instead of out).

Which is why it makes me very *angry* to hear stories of GP’s “advising” rest. How about they give out some advice to get active, keep active and stay healthy?

And that would be helpful, right?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what we do here at my Physio Clinic.

Pain is an issue, sure it, and if you’re suffering, we’ll take care of it for you.

But what most of our clients want us to do for them is help them get back active again, ASAP.

In the case of an ankle sprain, it doesn’t take too long to do.

We’ve got some very SECRET techniques that only the Specialist Physios know and use and they really make a difference at loosening stiff and stuck ankle joints that are stopping you from being active like you hope.

Tip: But the longer it gets left, the longer it takes for us to help you get back to that painless exercise you’re no doubt searching for.

We can make your foot feel like it belongs to you again, in no time at all.

And the best place for us both to start is here:

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We’ll talk to you soon,

Paul 😉

P.S You should know…

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It’s one that *PROMISES* to make you HAPPY like you hope, or you don’t pay.

And if you’ve already paid and you later decide you’re not happy, you can cheerfully ask for all of your money back.
…and i’d happily give you it in full with no questions asked.

It’s my FIRM promise to you that puts all of the pressure on to my shoulders to deliver the goods, or you get it all FREE 😉

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