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Another reason Why SO Many Clients LOVE what we do…

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“Pull up a chair…”

Got a quick question for any person with NECK and Shoulder Pain:


“How long will it take you to
reach your goal of getting healthy again if you never get started…?”


I know that reading these emails is fascinating.

But if you don’t stop reading and start doing, then you’ll still be in the same place you are now, in 6 months time.

(Stiff, achey, suffering with pain and restricted by what you can do, always wondering if tomorrow might be different…)

But please listen to the last few things I have to say to you:

“I really think I know what could be holding you back…”

I’ve heard it said by a few patients that they loved getting my emails sooooooo much…

That they almost didn’t want to reserve their space and book into my diary incase they stopped getting them.

But I can guarantee that won’t happen if you do.

Here’s a little story why:

Few years back now I was doing EVERYTHING in the business.

what most people don’t know is it was started from a spare room in my home in Hartlepool.

And because back then I couldn’t afford to employee the great staff I’ve gotten today, I had to chip in on every department.

And that meant I got to see and speak to everyone.

Introducing me to lots of lovely people.

And to this day, I’ve got friendships with patients who came to see me when I first started, that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

(Some will even be at the christening of my little boy Harry in a few months time…)

But as business has grown, as hard as it was to do, I had to accept that I needed to step away slightly.

And so it meant that I don’t get to meet everyone who comes through the door and into my little “world”.

It’s just not possible.

And this bothered me because I felt that I owed it to everyone who put there trust in me and took the time and effort to come and support my business,

– AND –

to keep in touch with the people who started coming to see me all them years ago when I was just starting out.

I wanted to do something to let them know that I’m still grateful and that I’m definitely still around.

Something “quick and easy” like Facebook was an option.

Many businesses do it.

But it’s not for me.

(Can’t stand it and never go on it…)

Far too impersonal and way to much negative stuff on there.

So although I’m not very “tech” minded, I asked around and someone told me about this great way of having emails delivered to all of your best customers.

(i.e how I’m talking to you right now…)

And I decided it was likely to be my best way of keeping in touch with all of the people who came through my doors.

And it’s been a HUGE success.

Clients often tell me that my emails seem very warm and personal and “different” to any other businesses that they receive emails from.

But that’s because I have a very different goal for sending them in the first place.

Cards on the table here:

What I love about being a physio is that I get to be a regular guy who just happens to know a bit more about things like back pain (…than the person sitting in front of me suffering with it).

But in between doing all the health and serious stuff, I get to be “ME”.

I get to talk to people and really let them into my life

– And –


And you know what?

“I love it”!

Best part of my job.

And so when I write my emails to you, it’s just me extending the kind of conversation that I’d have with you, if you were in my physio room.

If me and you were together in the physio room for half an hour or so, aside from discussing solutions and strategies to END your back pain and me answering any concerning questions, I’d be telling you all about things like:


* My little boy Harry and the amazing stuff that seems to happen in my life everyday as a result of him being here

* The family holidays & and travels I’d been on (…I LOVE to travel)

* What I’d been up to over the weekend or the last few days (I never sit still…)

* How business was progressing and what was new in it

* All about the new staff members I was excited to have just employed and the potential I see in each of them for the future

* I’d be offering up all sorts of other health tips for you (and your family)

* I’d tell you about the best books I’d been reading lately (…wouldn’t want you to miss out on an inspiring novel or auto-biography)

* And more than anything, I’d be looking forward to hearing what YOU had to say since the last time we met…

(Hence why I love getting your replies to the emails – lets me know you’re there…)


So there you have it…

The reason why my emails may seem a little different or very personal – that’s because they’re all written by me (and sometimes the team) and they’re absolutely meant to be that way.

It’s the personal “from me to you” kinda’ service that is the foundations upon which my Physio Practice is built upon.

Let me ask you a few quick questions:

= = =

* Do you like what I’ve told you about my clinic so far ?

* Do you think we hold similar values to you ?

* Do we seem as though we’re the kind of people who you could trust with your health and who you wouldn’t mind spending 30 minutes or so of your time with?…

= = =

If the answer is “YES” to either of those three questions and I HAVE done enough to earn your TRUST…

Then all you have to do to put an end to your worries is this:

Arrange A Call Back And Let Paul And His Team Help Me
It’s where 97% of our new clients start out from.

With a very quick and easy telephone call to confirm that we can help, in the right way, that you hope.

We’ll show you all of the different options, discuss cost, and in less than 15 seconds you’ll finally realise for yourself WHY 1000’s of people love to come and see us, and why it’s more to do with what we “SAY”, as much as what we do.

Start with a friendly and helpful call back:

Arrange A Call Back And Let Paul And His Team Help Me

Are we going to be helping you out like all the other 1000’s people from around the North East who trust us?

Talk soon.

(I hope)

Paul 😉

P.S This is usually £35, it’s FREE today…

Arrange A Call Back And Let Paul And His Team Help Me








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