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Back Pain: “How To Stop Thinking About It Late At Night…”

Email subscriber “Susan” writes me and asks:

= = = =

“Dear Paul,

Another late night thinking about my back problem again, so thought I’d share with you how I really feel…

Initially, I thought this little niggle would go away on its own and that I wasn’t so much affected. I thought to my self, “this will pass, I’ve pulled my neck before, that it was OK with some rest last time, and I’m not going to rush into paying for something like physio, if it’s just going to go away on its own”.

A few days of this I could handle.

But now I’m resigned to asking you a big question Paul : Does physio offer the kind of real help that means my problem getting sorted is a certainty? Or is it just a FAD?

Whether physio is as good as you say it is, I’m not sure (admittedly that is starting not to matter), but it does sound interesting and I’m beginning to agree with a good friend of mine who said it really is the best option.

Last night I came up on the realisation that despite my early scepticism, I’m attracted to the confidence in which you and my friend have for physio.

And strangely, despite my early cynicism about trying physio …here I am … interacting with you about it … a feat.

The raw truth about physio I’m not sure. But seems I’m going to have to find out for my self, so please bare with me as I courageously make my tentative way to coming in to see you.

In anticipation of your time, Thanks”.

– Susan J. 58, Saltburn.

= = = =

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For some reason, this is a very familiar story that is NOT lost on me.

“I know I need to do something, I’m just worried about getting it wrong, so I’ll wait a bit longer and see what happens”…

(That’s kind of the message from Susan here…)

And seriously though…

“It’s NOT needed”.

Because when Physio is “done right”, it can be hugely effective and able to really help people with *back pain* – particularly those that have been putting up with it for a LONG while.

I’ve seen it work first hand, “1’001 times” (if not more) over the last 11 years.

And, here’s the main reasons why it works so well:

…If your back is stiff or stuck, and you’re NOT moving it properly, *it’s slowly getting weaker*.

(And that’s what is likely causing your pain to get worse…)

So what we do for you in Physio is just give your body a little “push”.

It’s a simple case of getting your body moving again and getting all that is stuck, “unstuck”.

The science behind Physio is really simple:

> If something in your back is stuck, we get it moving.

> If a muscle is weak, we work out how to make it strong by showing you the right exercises.

> If a muscle is tight, we relax it by massaging it.

> If you’re worried or concerned about something, ask us the question and we’ll answer it (honestly and directly).

…And unlike the NHS or some GP’s, we will NOT shy away from any difficult questions and there WILL be more than enough time to answer all of your concerns.

Not much more to it, to be honest.

And it really isn’t that difficult for us to help you.

But honestly, *I do get it*…

That the biggest problem most people with back pain has, is that they just don’t know where to start.

And if that’s happening to you, then I’d like to propose we start here:

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If what’s holding you back is that you’re not sure Physio will even work for you…or you think “your pain is different”…or you’re worried about wasting your money, then this easy route is perfect for you:

Arrange To Talk To Our Best Physio On The Phone

Please click the link ^ and fill out the simple form that will appear so we can match your concerns to the Physio who will be able to give you the best answers.

Talk soon,

Paul 😉

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P.S. About the BIG question that Susan asked:


“Does physio offer the kind of real help that means your problem getting sorted is a certainty?…

Or is it just a FAD?”


…At this moment, I do not know you or your problem personally to say 100% for sure that it will.

But if I was given just 10 minutes of your time on the phone, and you allowed me to ask the right questions, to get to know you better and work out exactly what the root cause of your problem is, then by the end of it, I would be able to give you a confident answer.

Physio works for MOST people aged 40-64+ with back pain.

As many as 95% will have their problem eased out within days and ENDED completely in just a couple of weeks.

But I can’t, and nor will I, profess that physio is able to conquer and cure all.

(Because it doesn’t…)

And that’s why I’m offering you this Free Telephone consultation. Let’s us both decide that we’re right for each other before confirming an appointment at one of our clinics.

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Free Tips to ease back pain, here:

Paul Gough
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