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Back Pain Relief – Your Questions Answered

Here are 4 questions I got from tuesdays email about back pain:

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Ok… here’s the common questions about back pain from this week:


Q.) Why does back pain get worse when I stand for 10 minutes +

A.) It’s because joints are locked stiff when you stand and pressure is placed upon them – and is happening because muscles are weak meaning they become tight, tense and painful. This type of thing will not improve without massage, joints loosened and the right exercise done.

Q.) Why does sitting make it worse?

A.) Simply, there’s 10X the pressure on your spine when you sit than when you do anything else. It’s a sign that muscles are weak. If pain comes on less than 20 minutes after you sit, you’ve got a problem.

Q.) Why does my back pain keep coming and then going away a few days later?

A.) Your back is WEAK! and it’s a warning sign that something is wrong. Some people think that the “nice” phase means everything is ok, when it’s actually the time to go get something done! Eventually the “nice” few days get less and less and eventually these days go – and people walk into a physio clinic “bent over double”.

Q.) Why does my doctor just tell me to take painkillers?

A.) I’m often SPEECHLESS to explain the lack of “thoroughness” that is being shown by some GP’s these days.

Painkillers are “acceptable” in the first few days, but they are NOT ever going to get to the *root cause* of the problem and stop it from coming back, when the painkillers wear off!

My big tip: ask to talk to another GP who “has a bit more time” for you – I personally would!

back-pain 3d


So there you go…

This weeks common questions answered on back pain…

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