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Back Pain : This Story From A Client Who Was “New To The World Of Physio” But Now Sees The Value And Wishes He’d Acted Sooner…

We LOVE it when we read nice emails sent to us like this one from Peter who had suffered terribly with back pain...


“Paul … Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to your team. I’ve now had three sessions with Sammy and Jonny and I’m already noticing a significant difference to my lower back pain.

I’m new to the world of physio and I’m realising I should have looked into this a long time ago.

The sessions are very relaxed, apart from the obvious and necessary discomfort, but their knowledge, skill level and professionalism is evident throughout.

I really appreciate the discussions and explanation of what is happening.

Definitely a good decision from my wife to make an appointment for me.

Many thanks Peter Settle.”

– 53. Darlington.


… The story of a “significant other” (wife/husband/partner) calling and booking an appointment is VERY common and something that we see happen everyday.

Stalling over going to see a Physiotherapist and then later wishing they had gone sooner, is also NOT lost on us.

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