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Back Pain : Why Physio ISN’T Just About Ending Pain…

Word for word, praise for our Physio team EVEN THOUGH (at the time of writing) we hadn’t made much progress with this ladies pain…



I Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your excellent physio team.

I have suffered back problems, spd and have hypermobility of lots of my joints so have received nhs physio numerous times and also seen chiropractors, consultants none of which have looked at me holistically they each only focused on the different issue I’d been referred with. After only 2 1 hour sessions at your physio rooms I understand more about why I have the problems I have than I have for the past 20 years. Your physios are so knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions.

My pain is only slightly less at the minute but my problems are chronic so will take my body a while to adjust but it is worth the money just to gain an insight into why I have the problems I have.

Looking forward to my next session.

Definitely recommend to others.

– Michelle J, Mid 30’s, Hartlepool.


One of the BIG reasons why people LOVE to come and see us and reason why our clinics often have 7 day waiting lists is because we worked out a long time agao that people come looking for care and attention and they value somebody taking the time, and spending the time, to actually sit down and explain to them what is going wrong.

Finding out what’s wrong with your lower back, especially if it’s chronic (meaning it’s lasted a LONG time) … is the MOST important and valuable aspect of seeing a Physio.

Once we’ve worked that out, and if you give us the time and follow through on what we say, we can ease pain quite easily. Admittedly, sometimes it does take time and there should be *NO* false promises that it will happen quick… but slow and steady is often the BEST way to get long term relief from back pain that lasts… and it seems that Michelle in this story agrees ;=)

If you’d like to get tips or find relief from back pain, the best place to look is here:

Enjoy ;=)


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