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Calf Strains : What To Do About “Phantom” Calf Strains That Just Don’t Seem To Get Better No Matter How Long You Rest

A few days back, I received this interesting question from an email subscriber with a constantly “RE-OCCURRING” calf injury.

It’s a problem that lots of people aged 40+ and who like to run, suffer from.

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“Paul … I am really beginning to wonder if anything can actually be done (about my calf).

All of the advice I’ve taken from my GP, from friends and even what bits on the Internet I’ve read tells me that ever so many runners suffer from repeated calf and Achilles injuries, almost as if it’s “normal” …

And I was made to feel by my GP that if it’s not always severe or if I can can still get up and do something like take a walk to work, then I should shut up and just accept it.

I’m a 43-year-old lady, an office worker from Hartlepool and desperately NOT ready to give up running with the club guys from the Harriers, anytime soon.

I have turned my back on medication years ago, and besides, whenever I stop running my calf pain disappears anyway.
And that’s confusing me and every one I’ve asked.

I desperately don’t want to go back down to speak to my GP – I want to be able to run without the fear of my calf injury returning every time I get 10-12 mins into a run or existing inside a life that is trapped by regularly breaking down, with yet more frustration.

I’ve tried exercises – I really have.

A couple of Pilates classes at the local gym too, but those didn’t seem to do me much good.

I lost some weight on the advice of my GP and even bought a book on Amazon about the ways that I could manage this problem all by myself.

So far, I’m not doing it very well, am I ?

Some friends of mine say that I should just give up and accept it, but I’m not wanting to do that.

I’m getting seriously worried about my long term health too, I’ve noticed I’m becoming more “ratty” and feel stressed out much more easily… probably because I’m not able to exercise as much and that can’t be good for my health in general, can it?

I’m now even worried that my weight will pile back on too – which I know will make all my problems even worse.

I feel really stuck!!!

And not sure what to do because although I’m keen on trying Physio with you, I went to see someone once who said she was a Physio, but it didn’t do too much to help me.

Is it just me???!!!

And a friend of mine who is much younger than I am also tried physio with the NHS and only got some exercises.

So if physio couldn’t help someone younger than me, what chance have I got?

So what I’m trying to say paul is, although I like the sound of what you’re offering, I’m actually very sceptical and still not 100% sure about coming to see another physio… is there anything you can say or do that will help me ?

Thanks for listening, keep up the nice emails.”

– Janine, G. 43, Hartlepool

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…This email got a LONG response from me and here’s a sneak preview of what I wrote back:

… Here’s what I think maybe causing Janine’s problem:

A problem called a “Phantom Calf Strain” exists…

Not many Physios know about it and this is often THE reason for hamstrings or calf muscles which NEVER seem to heal.

No matter how much massage, rest, stretching or which exercises you happen on doing, NO progress is made.


Because the problem is NOT the calf or hamstring that the runner thinks… it’s actually a problem with their lower back.

And something is trapping a nerve, which sends painful signals to the calf or hamstring muscle and causes it too tighten or cramp.

Keeps happening too.

But when the runner stops… the painful signals often stop too.

(Making it VERY confusing…)

And it’s a HUGE signal that the runners *lower back* is WEAK.

Meaning too much stress on discs and joints, meaning discs squashed and nerves pinched and pain signals flying down the leg (…into the calf).

The ONLY solution is to work on the lower back.

AND NOT the calf muscle at all.

I’ve seen it many times before and it’s a source of huge frustration that can cost a runner YEARS of being left behind and out of trainers.


I know just what to do about it.

And if you think something like a “phantom muscle strain” is happening to you, then lets talk about it:

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