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Clinic Update 28-05-2024: Due to long waiting lists on the NHS, physio demand in the North East is exceptionally high. Our appointments are limited due to the severe demand, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Client Testimonials Of Paul Gough Physio Rooms

Another HAPPY and HEALTHY client whose NOT even finished his treatment yet:


“Hi Paul

Half way point of my physio sessions today and everything is going well thanks. The most noticeable improvement has been in my calf, in fact it felt much better after only one session.
The achilles is improving and is now much better both during and after walking. If anything, it’s more of a dull ache rather than the pain I was experiencing before the physio sessions.
I’ve kept the exercises going and I’m determined it will not beat me! My wife commented on Monday that I’m now walking better than I have for some time!
Many thanks to everyone for their care and attention. Looking forward to the next sessions.”

– Les, 47 – Durham.


Another client reports leaving the clinic feeling happy and healthy…

Here’s exactly what Jackie (53, from Durham) had to say:



Next one…

Just received this lovely email message from another big fan of the clinic (and it’s staff), that I wanted to share with you:


Hi Paul,

I did seek your help and went to your Hartlepool Clinic for a free taster session followed by a three week package of treatment. This treatment will conclude on Tuesday 16th September.

I have been most impressed by the standard of treatment from Kevan, Jonny and Chris and sent you an email about ten days ago telling you how pleased I am with all of their care. I also said to you that I have seen you at Hartlepool and hope to speak with you sometime when I am there. You have been busy those days I have seen you, so I didn’t like to distract you.

Anyway I just wanted to reassure you that I am very satisfied with the care I am receiving. I would like to remain on your client list so I can receive maintenance treatment about every month or so once my treatment has ended.

Penny Markham

Left 10th Sept, 2014.



“Paul… Treatment was fantastic no hidden agenda just honest good professional advice.

Physio took time not only to analyse my ailment but to make me feel at home. Not only was the person administrating the treatment professional and customer focussed but from my first call to the friendly voice on the other end of the phone;

I felt like I was being treated as a person not just some object that could make the business money.

In fact the service made you feel like you wanted to visit irrespective of injury. I am currently abroad but will continue my treatment on my return.”

Regards, Dennis”.

(18th August 2014).


Here’s another…


“Paul…I have nothing but praise for Kevan, Chris and Jonny who have each given me treatment in the last two weeks. I started the exercises with enthusiasm at home, and have been doing them all every day because they are an important part of the holistic care and treatment given by your team.

I am telling my friends that I am very impressed with the standard and professionalism of everyone at your Physio Rooms. The admin staff are lovely and so helpful, and Kevan explained everything fully to me at the free taster session so I was completely prepared for my first session which was the assessment.

On Friday 22nd Aug I had acupuncture for the first time in my life so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I needn’t have worried, because it was competently performed by Jonny who explained it all as he went along and I was fine.

I have seen you at the physio rooms when I have been there Paul, so I hope to maybe catch up with you next time I am in if you aren’t busy”.

Penny M. (Hartlepool)

(25th August, 2014)




“Hi Paul,

My treatments have been first class up to now. Sammy and Kevan are brilliant and extremely professional.

I’ve been very well looked after and advised by Becky too. At present Im busy thinking about the orthotics Ive been recommended. Lots of valuable advice given by your team.

Kind Regards,




“Hi Stephenie (<—“admin lady”)

I’ve checked the e_mail below and you’ve got the details spot on.

Paul always said he wanted a warm welcoming reception when he was looking at his new premises and you definitely listened and highlighted all my main points.

Please feel free to pass on this email to Paul as I am sure he’ll be happy to know that the Guisborough practice is being well taken care of, that’s if he isn’t too busy jet skiing off Hartlepool. haha

Thanks again Martin”


One more…


“Hi Paul

I have had a number of physio sessions now and although I feel a little sore and tender I do see an improvement in the pain I am experiencing in my hip.

This is great!

I have seen three members of your team and they are all lovely. I particularly like the way they talk me through the treatment and explain what they are doing.

The reception staff are very friendly and efficient always reminding me of appointment times and rearranging my appointments to suit work commitments.

Again this is great.

Throughout my treatments I have felt comfortable and in safe hands, a great big thank you to you and your team. I am hoping to see a big improvement at the end of treatment”.

– Julie


Paul Gough
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