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Custom Foot Inserts: Who Else Is Making This Painful Mistake?

It’s Vicki here…

Just wanted to make sure you got chance to look at this…


(Turn on images to see your picture ^ )

…Since Paul emailed this round on Tuesday we’ve had about 3000 people request to look at it…

It’s all of the 13 Dangerous Footwear Trends that are happening in todays society contributing to things like unnecessary back and knee pain…

(I was making at LEAST 3 of them and my Mother, well, I think she has about 7 of the 13 in her wardrobe at home – now she knows why she’s always suffering with knee pain!!…)

And it also tells you what you can easily do to stop these types of footwear causing problems with your joints…

Have a look if you’re interested in finding out about how you can stop these problems happening to you.

There’s a few free down loads of this guide left …

You can get it here:

<< 13 Dangerous Foot Wear Trends – Free Report >>

Have a great day,

Vicki xxx

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P.S the lab which makes our Foot Orthotics have given us permission to pass on a discount on “3” certain types of orthotics (that get ordered any time next week…)

If you’re interested in finding out more about which specific orthotics you can save some money on and improve the state of your health, please hit reply to this email and tell me what specifically you need orthotics for.

Here’s the link again fro your free guide:

<< 13 Dangerous Foot Wear Trends – Free Report >>

Paul Gough
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