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Degenerative Knee Pain (Subscriber Q&A)

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A few subscriber questions to answer from THAT email I sent out last week about “dodgy” knees.

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The first and final questions are really interesting:


Question: Why do my knees “grate and grind” and make such funny noises? And is that a sign of more bad things to come?

Paul: It’s not great. It’s usually the warning sign that worse is to come. Often is the case that knees will first “grate and grind”, then comes the more vocal clicks, clunks and crack, followed by a combination of all + pain and swelling. Tip – IMHO, act soon.


Question: My knee pain came on all of a sudden, and I can’t trace it back to anything in particular – and that’s the reason I keep thinking (hoping) that the pain wil just go away and so keep stalling over physio.

Paul: Have you heard the one about the pop star who was an over night success that was 20 years in the making?…same same with degenerative knees…I’ve told literally 100’s (if not more) of people that ther knee pain which they think came on over night has been building since about the age of 20.


Question: What if I stop being as active? Will that help?

Paul: Bad move-wise move. This one is a double-edged sword. Stop what you’re doing and in the short term pain may drop, but in the long term, muscles will waste. And when they do, your pain will slowly get worse and be much harder for me to solve. The ONLY solution is expert advise and a “done for you” set of the right (safe) exercises.



There are a lot more of course, but they were some important ones I wanted you to be in the know with.

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Ho Ho Ho.


P.S. When you have the unchangeable and unalterable laws of physiotherapy at your side, the health game your hoping to win not only gets much easier, but in some cases, it can also see pain vanish for ever.

I’ve had some patients even express that physio has given them “an unfair advantage over their friends of a similar age”.


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Paul Gough
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