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Exercise: How You Can Stay Active Even In Your 50’s And 60’s!

Quick question: Are there ever any annoying ‘small pains’ in your knees when you’re running or walking?…

If not then that’s great! But even so, experiencing slight soreness in your knees is something to keep aware of when exercising regularly, and I’ll tell you why…

A patient who has been coming to my clinic for a while now, Gavin, 54, Guisborough –  made an appointment with me the other week because his knee had been bothering him and he didn’t know why…

Gavin disregarded the soreness as ‘normal’, and like most people who go running often, he originally walked it off – as after all, he didn’t think an achy knee was that bad.

In fact Gavin told me, he thought that it was something that just ‘comes on’ with age!

Exercise_ How You Can Stay Active Even In Your 50’s And 60’s!

But the truth is, age doesn’t actually come into it!

Any of us can experience an ache in our knees at any time if we’re not careful.

It turned out that within minutes of looking at Gavin’s sore knee, that he actually had muscle imbalances and a tight left leg which was causing him pain.

And with a few massages and a combination of movements designed to get Gavin’s body back in top running shape, he was off and no longer walking around putting up with knee pain – which he originally thought was ’normal’ and something he could run through.

Many of us suffer from nagging aches and pains – Even the pro-athletes like the Welsh Rugby team! (don’t we know it with the number of injuries they’ve been having lately!), and yet we continue to go running outside, use the treadmill at the gym and go for long walks at the weekend.

Often we might have imbalances that we don’t even feel, and without looking after the body, these can soon creep up on us and turn into an injury that stops us from doing the things we enjoy the most for a number of weeks!

I usually tell patients I see this, to look at any ache and pain if you like, as a warning sign telling you to act fast before something goes wrong.

So what can you do about it?…

Of course you have the option to carry on as you are and do nothing about it, or try one of those knee supports that might ease the soreness for a while, but won’t really take the pain away and prevent any injuries…

Or you could choose to speak to a Physio and get some solid advice, and discover ways to injury proof your knees so you can run pain free for years to come knowing your knees are safe!

And don’t worry, there’s plenty of simple things that you can do to injury proof your body even from the comfort of your very own home.

For more tips on how to injury proof your body like this, and to prevent yourself from getting injured (again and again like the Welsh Rugby team)…

Click here where you can download a free report with tricks that even the pro-athletes use: www.paulgoughphysio.com/sports-injury-clinic

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