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Exercise: The Fastest Way To Stay Fit !

Question from a reader who wants to know:

“Is there a FAST way to STAY fit?…”

The answer?

Here goes:

The fastest way to make the biggest change to your ability to stay fit is by taking a closer look at the foundations that your physical health is built upon.

And it’s not stamina, muscle strength or even muscle bulk – as most people assume.

No, it’s your feet.

Or to be more specific, the position of your feet and their ability to absorb the impact every time that you run or walk.

And it’s something that most people involved in sport neglect to even consider to look at. Yet move up to the professional level of most sports such as running, football or golf, and you’ll find that most of these athletes are looking directly at there feet on a regular basis.

Take golf for example: How can you expect to achieve maximum power or control of your swing if you haven’t got a stable base because your feet aren’t planted into the ground firmly?

Sure, they might appear to be, your coach may even tell you that they are but unless he or she has x-ray eyes, there’s no way they can accurately confirm that your feet and therefore all joints that are above it, are in the right position.

And I’ve heard it said that golf shoes are “designed” to cater for golf stances and all terrains. But it’s like this: If I can walk into a golf shop and buy the same pair of shoes as you, then it’s got to be the case that one of us will be wearing shoes that don’t fit the position of our feet.

Because it’s impossible for us both to have the same foot set up. Without the right fitting golf shoes, back pain, or Achilles pain is inevitable and no wonder so many golfers suffer from it.

Now let’s look at running:Is it any wonder that grassroots runners are nearly always suffering from knee pain, shin splints, Achilles problems and even back pain, when the shoes that they wear don’t fit properly?

Again, they get the length right, size 8 or 9 etc, but not always in terms of the foot position in them. Is the arch dropped, over pronated, are feet excessively flat? These are all things that need to be taken into account if your serious about staying fit.

And if any of these problems are familiar to you then it might be time to consider the impact that wearing custom orthotics will have upon your ability to stay fit.

I know first hand from working with Middlesbrough at the time that they were in the premier league that the top-level football players use these things as well.

Add a pair of custom orthotics to your best shoes and you’re firming up the foundations of all joints above. This means that when you go for a walk, a run or play football, your ankle, knee and back joints are in the position that they were designed to be in.

That means less “wear and tear” on joints and less likely that muscles will tighten and tear.

If there’s one investment to make in your physical health this year, I’d say you wouldn’t go far wrong with a pair of “made for you” (and only you) custom orthotics to drop into your shoes.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, I have prepared a free pre-orthotics planning guide which covers in more detail the benefits of wearing orthotics.

Get it here whilst copies last: www.paulgoughphysio.com/custom-orthotics-inserts


Paul Gough
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