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Extended Health – More About The Natural Health Care Plan Exclusively At Paul Gough’s Physio Clinic

After lasts weeks emails I got loads of replies and loads of questions…

…If you remember (or, incase you missed it…) I told you that I went to “Boston” (not the Lincolnshire one) to talk to my publisher about the new book I’ve got coming out soon…

And I mentioned that I’d looked around the BEAUTIFUL City at places like Harvard University, went Kayaking on the St Charles River and looked at some of the most famous sites in one of the most famous cities in the USA…

And I also exclusively REVEALED all about out new Extended Natural Health Care Plan which is soon to launch at your nearest Paul Gough Physio Clinic…

And, guess what?…

The No.1 question that I kept getting asked over and over in replies to that email last Sunday, was this:


“Paul… Is the bloke who serves behind
the bar, in the “Cheers Bar” (in Boston), as funny in real life as he is on the telly…?”



I’ll admit…

I did have a few drinks in “THE” Cheers Bar in Boston last weekend but there was no sign of Sam Malone anywhere…

(Place wasn’t the same without him…)

So I hope I’ve cleared that one up for you…;=)

Now, back to something “healthy”…

Last week I let slip about our plans to run an extended (12 month) version of our “Organic, Natural Health Care Plan” last Sunday, and I got FLOODED with enquires and phone calls of people asking more about what it is and when can they start it.

About 3000 people expressed their interest in the plan and because I got so many questions what I decided to do was this:

…Start answering them slowly but surely over the next few weeks until it’s launched.

And basically, the Extended Natural Health Care Plan is a combination of all our BEST Natural Therapies in one care plan which keeps you healthy and active for 12 months long.

– It’s specifically designed for people with chronic knee, back, neck-shoulder pain, or constant joint pain or muscle tension, even headaches and migraines, likely to be aged 50 or over.

And, you’re going to save about 1100.00 pounds off the price of 40 sessions or so of Physio, Massage, Acupuncture and a few other types of treatment, here at my clinic.

So anyway, if you were one of the 3000 or so who showed an interest, then I’ve answered 3 of the more common questions here:

<< Your Questions Answered - 12 Month Extended Natural Care Plan >>

Just click the link ^ if you’re interested and I’ll know to notify you personally about the launch of it, as it will not be made available to the general public:

<< Your Questions Answered - 12 Month Extended Natural Care Plan >>

Talk soon 😉


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P.S Did you know that there are at least 13 dangerous types of footwear that ARE contributing to things like knee, back, and chronic joint pain?…

Look out for an email or two from me in the week – I’ve got something good to share with you to make sure your health is not affected by wearing any of them.

P.P.S JUST incase you didn’t know, the pub off the SOAP “Cheers” (from back in the 80’s), is a REAL pub in Boston – fun place too!

Paul Gough
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