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[Extended Natural Health] 3 F.A.Q.’s of The Amazing And Long Lasting, Natural Health Care Plan At Paul Gough Physio Rooms

After the very first email I sent out about this new Natural Health Care Plan, I was flooded with questions and here three very common ones.

Before I answer them, let me say that if you are aged 50 or over and regularly suffer with things like:

– Back Pain or ache

– Knee Pain

– Neck/Shoulder Pain

– Migraines or Headaches…


You don’t like to bother the GP or take painkillers all the time because you know they’re not very healthy, then you will LOVE this new programme which is going to give you about 40 Visits to my clinic for almost a years supply of Physio, Acupuncture and lots of nice MASSAGE 😉

Anyhow, here’s the first three questions I got answered:

Question 1.) I’ve got back AND neck and shoulder pain, will I benefit?

Paul : Absolutely YES!… This care plan is perfect for what we call “multiple body parts” which are effected by pain, a dull ache, early arthritis, or stiffness.

Things like massage, acupuncture, and physio combine perfectly to help these sorts of things and the exercises we will give you are very natural and healthy ones such as those involved in Yoga and Pilates.

Question 2.) My husband is interested too, can he sign up for the programme?

Paul : Yes! We have had a lot of people telling us that their fiends and family want to sign up for this, and although we weren’t planning to do it, we’ve had to reconsider – so YES, your husband, wife, friends and family etc can sign up at the same time.

Question 3.) How many sessions can I have each week?

Paul : There will be about 40 sessions open to you across the 12 months – and we say that you take them as you need! So, if you wanted 5 in one week, that would be fine! You’ll likely know by now how often your knee, or back ache etc comes and when it gets worse, so you could come for something like 6 or 7 “intense” courses of treatment of 6 or 7 treatments over two weeks – or, you could come 3 times per month, every month!

The choice is all yours!…

It’s a very flexible plan and we’ll give you full control of how many sessions and when you want to have each week!


Anyhow, that’s it for now.

If you have more questions please feel free to call us at: 01429 866771


Send an email of enquiry to info@paulgoughphysio.com

Please register your interest early as places on this program will fill up quickly – something to do with the 1100.00 pound saving on 40 treatment sessions – and 1000’s of people on the email list who have already expressed interest.

After the initial launch of the programme where we expect to take no more than 20 people on, entry onto the ORGANIC programme will be opened up at 5 spaces month.

Best wishes,

Paul 😉

Paul Gough

Paul Gough is an internationally known Physio and Founder of The North East’s Leading Specialist Private Physiotherapy Practice for People in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, who want to keep healthy and active.

You might know Paul as an expert Columnist who writes weekly health articles for TWO of the North East's biggest daily Newspapers, The Northern Echo And The Hartlepool Mail, he is a regular Speaker at Industry Seminars around the globe and a Radio Personality, often heard on the BBC. Paul has been an expert guest on dozens of Radio shows and regularly interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including the Guardian.

Paul’s background included working extensively in the Premier League with a Top Professional Football Team, and since quitting his job in Professional Football in 2007, his Physio Practice has become the fastest growing in the UK and biggest in the North East. So successful, that companies like BUPA, ASDA, The Vela Group And Coast & Country, repeatedly retain his Physio company's services to keep healthy their own staff and workforce. Paul Gough Physio Rooms is now a large multi-physio, multi clinic speciality practice in Darlington, Durham, Guisborough and Hartlepool.
Paul Gough
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