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Clinic Update 28-05-2024: Due to long waiting lists on the NHS, physio demand in the North East is exceptionally high. Our appointments are limited due to the severe demand, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Extended Natural Health: What Exactly Do You Want?

I note that you’re one of the 3000+ interested in our 12 Month Extended Natural Health Programme…

And I just wanted to send you a quick email to ask for you input…

We’d like you to get involved in making sure that we offer you PRECISELY what you would like to receive for 12 months of care…

So, could you just hit reply and tell us whether you would prefer:

a.) more physical therapy techniques such as manipulation

b.) more nice deep massage to ease muscle tension

c.) Acupuncture for pain relief


d.) a mixture of all of the above!…

The programme will offer you a 40 visit option (silver) and a Gold option which will be 52 visits to us across the year (one every week if you like)…

And so when you’re deciding what you want from us, think of it in that context.

Lets say you opted for the Gold plan 52 sessions here at my clinic…

would you want them all physio, or split with massage, or all acupuncture.

You might do something like:

> 20 sessions of Physio

> 20 Massage

> 12 Acupuncture

What ever it is, be sure to hit reply now and tell us what you’d be most interested in getting from this exciting new natural health programme.


Paul 😉

Paul Gough
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