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Attention: Ladies and Gentlemen over 40 years old “unsure” about the benefits of Physiotherapy

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Hi, I’m Paul Gough, and if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, and you are looking for quick, natural and long lasting relief from pain and stiffness, to help you keep active and stay healthy for longer, then the big opportunity I have for you today maybe the single most important thing you read all year.Scroll down to see the free taster application form

In this short letter, I’m going to show you how I can first help you live without the frustration of wondering what’s gone wrong (to cause all of your pain in the first place), and then how easy it is going to be to find relief from it - and I’m going to be able do it all without any financial commitment needed from you whatsoever.

And best, I know I can do all of that for you, EVEN IF you’re currently feeling “stuck”, overwhelmed, not sure what to do for the best, or you’re nervous about trying something like Physiotherapy, even sceptical or unsure as you’re not 100% confident that it can even help with what you’re suffering from!

…If that’s you, then I’d like you to know that you’re not alone and I do understand completely how you must be feeling as you look for the right solution whilst remaining worried for the future of your health.

And, of course, I’ll explain WHY I’m going to offer to help you out for you for FREE, too!

More on that in a second. First…

I’ve Been Helping People Like You
For Over 11 Years And I’ve Come To Realise
That Lots Of People Are Just
“Unsure” About What A Physio Even Does…

Happily, I help people like you all day to live more active and healthy lives, free from painkillers and the frustration that so often comes with bothering the GP and asking for solutions that they just cant provide these days, or wasting another valuable day in pain waiting and hoping in vain that tomorrow, things will somehow or other be different!

And, despite how confident I remain about being able to help people, and I’ve helped 1000’s just like you over the last eleven years, there are still LOTS of people out there suffering who shouldn’t be and it’s happening simply because they don’t fully understand the value that a specialist Physiotherapist like me, can add to their health and improve enjoyment of life - not their fault, of course!

You see, many people are overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice they receive, either from a GP, friends or family, or even the Internet! And that can cause the victim of the conflicting advice (maybe that’s you?) to “stutter” along each day, always hoping that tomorrow will bring a return to better health - but rarely does it ever come.

I Know Some People Are Concerned About
“Wasting” Good Money On Physio

And, what’s more, there are also people who are just too frightened to make the move on something like Physio, worried in case they ring up and make an appointment that wasn’t appropriate and they are left to feel as though they’ve wasted theirs and a “busy” Physios, valuable time. That’s admirable, but rarely is that ever the case that anyone will ever waste a Physios time.

There’s more: some people are worried in case they spend money on something that doesn’t work out for them? Now, I know that lots of people are put off from trying Physio by the prospect of “shelling out good money” without any real guarantee or proof it’s even going to help them. And I understand that, I really do!

…I’d even go so far as to say there are people out there “sceptical” about what I do and are unlikely to ever try Physio, just because of a lack of certainty or the absence of a 100% guarantee of positive results!

Yet, and whatever the reason for “stalling” over Physio is, whilst all of this indecision is dragging on, rarely does the pain or stiffness ever go away.

So, I decided To Create the Simplest Possible Way For People Interested In Living Without Pain… To Come And See For Themselves How Physio Can Help Them Achieve That… Free Of Any Cost

Now, of all of the great successes that we have had here at my Specialist North East Physiotherapy Clinic, I’d say that the introduction of the “Free Taster Session” has been the one that has been able to help the most people - at a physical AND psychological level.

And it’s because of all the common obstacles listed above: like being nervous, “sceptical”, unsure, worried or even frightened, that so many people were once left feeling as though they weren’t ready to give to something like Physio a try.

But, in offering the FREE TASTER Session like this, we have stripped back the curtains, taken away any mystery and removed any obstacles by simply letting people come and see for themselves, how Specialist Physio REALLY works.

We give you a chance to learn what we can do to help, time to understand how we propose to do it and it’s all without any financial commitment needed - which means you’ve got nothing to loose and only all to gain by coming into see us and sampling what good Physios do.

If you like, think of it as “dipping your toes into the water” to see if it is warm enough before submerging your whole body into it and enjoying a nice bat - after all, no one wants to get “burned”, do they!

Why Did I Decide To Give My Best Advice
Away, Completely Free Of Any Charge?

It’s simple! And, you and me both get the benefits of me making the first move like this, and here’s how:

You see, these free taster sessions let you get a sample, a taste and feel for what we do and how we do it - so that by the end of that free taster session you’ll be in a much better position to make a more educated, more informed and generally, a much BETTER decision about whether or not Specialist Physiotherapy is something that you might want to pursue further, at a later date.

I know all of the factors that could be stopping you from coming to see me and getting the help you need - and that bothers me because I LOVE what I do and I LOVE to help people like you, and the reason I offer this is that really, I just want to make it as easy as possible for you to decide if you like what I do, too.

And as an added bonus, just for coming to sample Physio and taste what we can do for you, we’ll also give you specific tips that you can be using to find relief from your pain when you’re at home later that same night, we’ll advise the best exercises you should and should NOT be doing, plus…

You’ll Get Relief From The Frustrations
Of Pain And Find Out What’s Wrong,
In 15 Minutes Or Less

Now, we’re going to be able to END a lot of your worries and frustrations at this FREE TASTER, just by sitting down and listening to you, and letting you ask as many questions as you need to get some much needed clarity and peace of mind that will make your life easier.

And you’ll only be talking to a Specialist, too. There’s no “generalists” employed at my Physio Clinic! But, that’s not the only thing we will do for you at your free taster session.

No. The ultimate, and often most popular reason for coming to see us is that we’ll give you a very firm and accurate diagnosis - (the best bit about seeing a good Physio) where you’ll find out what’s wrong and how it’s even been caused.

And I say it’s the best, because that’s where your frustration is ended and immediate relief is often experienced. As once you know what’s wrong, it’s often very easy to put right.

And We’ll Even Show You How Many Days
Until You Can Expect To Find Full Relief

More: We’ll give you the Prognosis too!

That’s the important part where we show you how long it will take to get you fully better, and means you’ll leave us knowing exactly what can be done by a Specialist Physio, moving forward - meaning you’re in a much better position to decide if you like the sound of how we can help you.

And, I can guarantee you that any recommendation of care that you receive from my team about how we propose to help you out, will only include natural therapy treatments such as: deep tissue massage, gentle joint stretches, possibly some acupuncture, and even exercise plans that are simple to follow but have very healthy benefits and are natural too.

I assure you, we’ll only give you the best advice on doing things like Pilates and Yoga exercise routine which are great for tone, posture and improving flexibility.

One more thing is for sure too - there will be NO talk of painkillers or resting and we can do all of this for you (that I’ve just described above), in exchange for less than 20 minutes of your time.

So, If All That Sounds Like It Would Help You Make A Better Decision About Your Health, Then Please Go Ahead And Fill Out This Application From For A Free Physio Taster Session At One Of My
North East Physio Clinics…

Apply For A Free 15 Min Physiotherapy “Taster” Session
(To See If You Like It…)

For the next 4 days we are able to offer a Free Physiotherapy “Taster” Session which is perfect for people suffering with ANY type of PAIN or (Stiffness) who could ENJOY life much more WITHOUT it. You’ll leave your “Taster” knowing exactly WHAT’S GOING WRONG and it’s perfect for anyone who would like to be SHOWN how Specialist Physiotherapy works before UPGRADING to all the extra benefits included in a Gold or Silver Consultation.

Tip: To respect and show loyalty to all of our other “paying” clients, we can’t provide the expert “hands-on” treatment that you would receive in one of these upgraded Gold or Silver Consultations and we recommend that if you ARE in a lot of pain, to upgrade immediately. Both Silver and Gold consultations are backed by a full money back guarantee that means you leave HAPPY at the end, or you don’t pay.

Hurry: For obvious reasons the “Free Taster Session’s” are limited and given away on a first come, first serve basis. To secure yours before they are all reserved, please just fill out this 25 seconds form NOW. The more we know about you, the better we can help you...


Please tell us where to contact you with the outcome of the Free Taster Session application:

After you press the orange button, please check your email account for an immediate message sent to you from Paul with further instructions.

All of your details are 100% safe with us.
Clients are also protected by a firm
100% Money Back Guarantee.

To RECAP, Here’s What You Get
At Your “Free Taster Session”

  • A 20 minute, “non-committal” session with a Specialist Physio, free of charge (Value £38)

  • Top tips to help your self find more relief at home, later that same night

  • Q & A session with a Top Physio to ease concerns

  • Advice on the best exercises - likely to be a combination of natural routines such as Pilates and Yoga

  • An insight into how Physio works and specifically HOW it can help you

  • Leave with a firm Diagnosis - find out what’s going wrong

  • Leave with a firm Prognosis - find out how many days to getting complete relief

  • Plus, and not forgetting the importance of, a chance to meet with our Physios, arrive and inspect our premises and meet other staff members free from any financial commitment giving you the easiest way possible to confirm if Physio is, or is not, something that is going to be something that can help you out…

Now, the full value of this session is £38, but it’s going to be given to you FREE if you fill out the form today and indicate to us that you are the health conscious type of person that we love to help here at Paul Gough Physio Rooms.

Then, once you’ve filled out the 35 seconds form above, please wait for your phone to ring as one of the members of my team will call you to schedule your free visit to my Physio Rooms - it will likely be from Vicki, Becky, Sarah, Rachel or Steph, who are all very friendly and will be able to start answering any questions which you might have, right away.

Anyhow. That’s what’s the free taster is all about, and who it’s for, and I hope if you are unsure, nervous or sceptical about Physio, then me offering all of this too you really helps you out!

Dedicated To Restoring Your Health,

Paul Gough ;-)

Specilaist Physio Clinics: Darlington | Durham | Guisborough | Hartlepool

P.S About the Free Bonus to find further relief from pain…

If you fill out the Free Taster Application form by : Tuesday 17th of October 2017, I’ll also send you a gift certificate worth £24 to find further relief from pain at any one of my North East Physio Clinics.

That means, if you did like the sound of what Specialist Physio can do for you, and later, you decide you do want to come back and ask us to help you some more, you can apply a £24 discount to any Silver or Gold treatment session with us that you might later enjoy.

To make sure you get that further bonus, please fill out the non-committal application form now. Do that when you click this yellow button now:


Here’s a few people who came to see me recently, once suffering from something that is likely to be very similar to what you are suffering NOW…and look how healthy and happy they are because they gave Physio a try…

  • “I had a back problem diagnosed as a disc bulge with facet joint degeneration, tried various other forms of treatment but PHYSIO here works best for me. I like the idea of the exercises but I really love the nice relaxing Massages…

    Shiobhan, 40, Hartlepool

  • I haven’t had any Physio from Paul’s team,… but I bring my wife to see them. Lesley (my wife) has suffered terribly with back pain and has been let down by the NHS for years. Here, all the Physios put themselves out for Lesley and go out of their way to help her. Lesley is sometimes in severe pain and it’s comforting to know that the Physios are willing to fit her in and will stay until all hours of the night, to make a difference and be sure she gets the help she needs…which she always does…

    Jon, Late 40’s, Sedgefield

  • I’ve got to say…the service from the Physios is excellent and the welcome that you get from the support staff is wonderful. I know that what the Physios have done for me here has added value to my life as I suffered with terrible back pain for so many years. I know I need to keep on with my exercises and I’m happy to do that. I like that the Physios are always there for me whenever I need answers to any questions I might have.

    Julie, 63, Yarm

  • I suffered from various injuries including back pain, never trouble the doctor with them because there’s no point, Physio here helps you get going again quickly and has always done great for me...

    Andy, Late 40's, Darlington