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Frustrated Runner Asks: What If You Don’t Get Me Fit Paul… Then What ‘huh’?

Following my email a few days ago asking for information that readers would like to know, I got a reply from another email subscriber with a sports injury who asks:

= = = =

“Paul… is it true that sports physio is all about just doing some exercises for a couple of days and getting one (or two) nice massages – the kind you might get at a spa or luxury hotel?”

= = = =

Thus, this leads me to get this all out in the open.

What Physio is “NOT”… <- - - - That way, you can really make a better judgment on what you’re considering next. And whether (or not) Sports Physio sounds like something that is going to benefit you, like you hope. It’s kind of weird writing about it, but I figure I might as well get it out in the open, clear up some confusion and help you make a better decision with these "what Physio is Not" pointers: * "Proper" Sports Physio is NOT just a quick fix that will mean your problem coming back soon a CERTAINTY...NOR is it a miracle cure that will transform your situation, over night. Such things nearly always come back with vengeance. Often within days. * What we do in our Sports Injury department is nothing like what you would be offered over at the NHS (who usually just offer self help advice and some take home exercises…) * It definitely is NOT a nice relaxing massage – the type you’d find in a spa or at a hotel. The kind of muscle recovery massage that we do is much deeper, more thoughtful, more skillful, requires us to be more "tactile", and therefore totally different. It has to be. Tense, tight muscles & stiff, aching joints, will not relent any other way and until they do, you're not fit or safe to "play". * Our type of Physio is NOT for the Sunday morning footballer that has “pulled a muscle” and wants everything to be done and sorted in time for next weekends game. Such demands are more often than not unrealistic and in the long run, are often dangerous to that person’s health. * Proper Sports Physio is NOT about "seeing how you go after a few visits” nor is it about dragging out a treatment plan with no clear end in sight. Here - you will be given a clear "start to end" recovery plan and you will be able to hold us accountable to a definite time frame that you can expect to recover inside - right down to the DAY! (Hint: after your first visit, you'll know exactly when you can start exercising again). * Proper Sports Physio is not a 100% guarantee of a full cure… NO health care person can or should ever make such a statement (Which leads me to the following...) Okay… Now you may be thinking: “Yeah that’s OK for you
to say Paul…

BUT what if I’ve gotten right to the end of my Physio with you, having already paid, and I’m not happy or I’m still not right?

Then What?


Then what would you do?”

Short answer.

I’d give you ALL of your money back.

Better yet:

You’d have 365 days to ‘cool off’.

That means if at any time in the 365 after I pass you “FIT”… you break down again or any fears creep back in, you can come back and see me for FREE or I’d give you ALL of your investment back.

To be honest… I’d RATHER do BOTH!..

There’s NO way I’m keeping anyones money if I haven’t delivered on my promise to get them fit, and keep them fit.

Truth is, I wouldn’t even take you on as a client if I didn’t happen on thinking I COULD achieve your goals anyway.

Why would I?

Because it’s my reputation, time (and bank balance) on the line if I did and I didn’t deliver…

So it’s very unlikely you’ll ever “get to the end and be unhappy” because we’ll NOT let you get that far in the first place.

Also, one more thing:

Working out what’s gone wrong (and what to do about it) is what separate’s the GREAT Physios from the bad.

And that’s what we do at your initial Consultation.

(I often call it the “discovery” consultation…)

…Because we both discover so much, and importantly we figure out if what’s gone wrong, IS something that we can definitely help with.

And another way to look at it…

We’re both going to decide if we’re right for each other.

Because if we’re NOT, then we both have too much time and money to lose.

And I’d rather let you leave at the end of your first visit without paying, if you decide we’re not right for you…

Try Top Sports Physio Before You Even Pay

This is a route into my clinic that is especially useful if you are sceptical, a “newbie” to Sports Physio, or are just not quite sure, even yet to be convinced by Physio.

(Or me…)

Why don’t you just “try it first” ?

Click here to do to apply for a “trial” session that means you DO.NOT.HAVE.TO.PAY unless you’re 100% convinced it is the right decision for you to have done:

Try Top Sports Physio Before You Even Have To Pay

100’s of clients I’ve helped started out VERY sceptical and waited for weeks before trying Physio… and they all told me later they REGRET it hugely.

This option means you don’t have to make the same mistake:

See YOU in my Physio Room,

Paul 🙂
Specialist Physio Clinics : Darlington – Durham – Guisborough – Hartlepool
Tel: 01429 866771

Find A Time For A “Call Back”

P.S This option…

It’ll save you loads of time too… and instead of being uncertain, unsure or constantly procrastinating about what to do next…

It will add LOTS of certainty to your life which is a much NICER way to live…

Because within 30 minutes, you’ll know if Sports Physio is right for you, or not.

Anyway, here is much more info about the option to just say maybe and ‘Try Physio’ before you commit to paying:

Try Top Sports Physio Before You Even Have To Pay

And if at the end of your first 30 minutes, you like what we do and we think we can achieve what you want, then we can BOTH move on from there and get on with achieving your fitness goals.

But if either of us isn’t sure, we just call it “squits”.

You leave without paying.

And I’ll pick up the bill.

Try Top Sports Physio Before You Even Have To Pay

Paul Gough
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