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Who Else Felt Like They Got Washed Up At 40? (From Chapter 4)

Just to let you know, this will be one of the last emails you’ll get from me showing you what’s actually inside the book…

(The publisher is not happy I’m giving so many “excerpts” away!…)

So, if you’re enjoying the “excerpts” and finding them interesting, I need to let you know you maybe disappointed soon as I can’t go on revealing what’s inside the book forever and a day!


You can get ALL of the rest of the stories (180 pages worth!), by investing in your health and independence – and ordering this book here for just £12.99:


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If you’re still sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether or not to order this book for you (or someone you know and love!), then let me take you into Chapter 4:

It’s titled:

“Healthy Habits And Daily Rituals”

And this particular article I want you to look at explains why so many things go wrong with your health when you hit 40!

Some people might even say they felt “washed up” when they got to 40… as so many things started to go wrong!

Did that happen to you?

If so, then you might enjoy reading this whole chapter to find out why.

Here’s why:

The chapter starts with a “little-known” explanation about why your “30’s” COULD be the very best years of your life…

…then, explains why you can so easily get “washed up” at 40…

…and also, what happens in your 50’s and 60’s that most people never see coming!

I take you right through all those vital decades of your life, in one chapter!


Here’s a sneak preview of the section titled:

“Who Else Felt Washed Up At 40!”


“NOW, let’s skip ahead 10 years and talk about being 40. The problems really are definitely more noticeable now.

This is when many people begin some kind of relationship with a physio. Experiencing a spike in the amount of aches and pains and even injuries like sciatica, Achilles tendon pain or neck joint problems is not uncommon.

In fact, they’re more likely to happen to you in this age bracket than at any other time of your life.

Here’s why.

As you’ve just read, earlier in your life, say when you’re in your twenties, your body is the most flexible and strongest it’s ever likely to be.

So as you’re running around doing everyday things like shopping, lifting the children in and out of the car, keeping fit, doing the housework and driving to and from work, the strength and flexibility you have in these early decades of your life, is easily able to absorb all of this physical stress that you place on your body.

Yet as you now know, somewhere around the age of “40”, your flexibility starts to decline.

And it usually happens fast! For some people, it literally happens overnight!

Maybe it felt like that was what happened to you?

And, I’d say this losing the ability to move as easily or as freely as you once could is one of the major consequences of growing older.

Yes, the muscles and joints that were once able to cope with just about anything you wanted to do, all of a sudden, can’t. And it’s because they’re shrinking and shortening.

How come?

Well, think of your muscles as elastic bands getting pulled tighter and tighter, slowly but surely more each day. Without getting scientific, your muscles lose flexibility because they are repeatedly being used,even damaged.

Although it’s not the kind of damage you ever know much about, just using them every day is enough to produce micro damage to muscles which, over time, builds and causes problems.

And to repair this micro damage, your body uses something called collagen – you might know it as scar tissue (I call it glue) – to repair these muscles.

But, this stuff is NOT very elastic or flexible. And is why at 40, when you’ve got loads of it in your muscles, you really start to feel less flexible.

This lack of flexibility in your muscles is happening at a time when you’re still very active, too. And because of that, it’s a hot spot time for injuries.

Now think of what life is like, or will be like, in your 60s. The lack of flexibility and strength issue is still happening, but your daily activities and physical demands are likely to be much less than they were in your 40s and 50s.

So the stress you’re placing on these muscles and tendons is not as much, meaning less chance of problems such as back and knee pain (or general next-day aches and pains).

The solution?

You guessed it – regular and sustained… END OF EXCERPT.

This story continues on page 106 in the BOOK!



So what do you think about that?


Does it explain why perhaps you’ve suffered so many aches and pains since you turned 40?

Well, if you want to know what happens next… i.e. in your 50’s and 60’s (and what you can do about it!), then you just need to order the book!…

Like I said, the freebie “excerpts” are running out.. I might be able to send you one more, but then that’s it!

Wouldn’t be fair to the 1000’s who have already ordered the book before you.

Anyhow, hop on over to this webpage:

www.TheHealthyHabitBook.com >>>

…And just fill out your details and we’ll cheerfully send you a discounted version of the book that is valued by the publisher at £17.99.

*You’re getting it for just £12.99, if you order it here:

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Paul Gough

P.S Here’s another review of the book just in from a top UK DOCTOR (GP), who recently bought it:

“The success of this book is of no surprise to me – because what separates the great medical people from all the rest is the ability to communicate and motivate patients to take action – and Paul is up there with the very best and you’ll soon see what I mean when you turn to the first page. What I particularly like about the book is that Paul manages to break down what appear to be complex and difficult lifestyle changes into “do-able” and easy to action bite sized adaptions that in the end, will make a positive difference.

You can read this book from cover to cover, or dip in and out as you need – either way, you will be able to make small positive changes that will help you feel and be better. For all those reasons, I heartily and healthily recommend The Healthy Habit to you and would any of my patients. This is a much needed book that a lot of people are going to benefit from”.

– Dr Chris Stevenson, Leading North East GP.

P.P.S Those nice comments almost made me blush! lol 

– www.TheHealthyHabitBook.com >>>

Paul Gough
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