How Do Orthotics Help You Stay Active?

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How Do Orthotics Help You Stay Active?

Are you someone who likes to stay active with an exercise routine or regular activity, but you’ve always had niggling pains in your knees, hips, or feet?

It’s possible that orthotics could be the solution for you to stay active and maintain your fitness without the risk of injury or those annoying pains coming back after every walk or run.

Orthotics are specially designed insoles that slide into your footwear to protect your feet, are comfortable, and our patients say they’re so good they don’t even feel like they’re wearing them!

So in this blog, we’ll give you an insight into how orthotics help you stay active and even increase your activity levels all while helping your body to keep fit and healthy.

They Help You Maintain Good Posture

Although orthotics specifically target your feet and the position you walk in, they can have a knock-on positive effect on your posture!

Good posture not only ensures that your spine is properly aligned but also helps to distribute body weight evenly through the feet, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Orthotics can help achieve this by providing support, stability, and cushioning.

By keeping your body in proper alignment, orthotics can reduce stress on your joints and muscles, allowing you to move more efficiently and comfortably. And when you’re comfortable and pain-free, it’s easier to stay active and enjoy the activities you love!

Supports Your Feet

Orthotics play a key role in supporting the feet and improving overall function. Whether you’re an athlete or just trying to stay active, orthotics can provide the necessary cushioning and support to alleviate pain and prevent injuries.

They are custom-made to fit your unique foot shape and can address various conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and overpronation.

By properly supporting your feet, orthotics help you stay active and achieve your fitness goals no matter how big or small they are!

They Keep Knee Injuries Away

One area where orthotics can make a significant difference is in knee injury prevention by correcting the position of your feet.

It’s important to remember that your foot alignment and function play a bigger role than just on your feet; their alignment affects your knee joint, and this knock-on effect can lead to the development of knee injuries.

The use of orthotics can protect your knees by reducing the amount of force that your knee experiences with every step you take, therefore minimising the risk of injuries like runners knees or overuse injuries.

Prevent Foot Injuries

Even if you don’t have a pre-existing foot or ankle injury, it’s vital to consider the preventive measures that orthotics can provide.

Investing in properly fitted orthotics helps you stay active by providing support and alignment to relieve the stress placed on your feet during physical activity.

Orthotics can help prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis and shin splints, ensuring you can continue participating in the sports and activities you love.

Don’t wait until an injury occurs to take action – prioritize your foot health and consider incorporating orthotics into your routine!

Could Orthotics Help YOU To Stay Active?

Now you’ve read about how orthotics can help you even if you have no pre-existing issues, why wouldn’t you want to invest in your foot health?

Right now, we’re offering you the opportunity to arrange a free foot scan with one of our expert physiotherapists!

During your free foot scan, you can ask any questions you have, get the answers you need, and feel confident about the positive pain-free future you could have with a pair of our orthotic insoles.

And it gets even better, once you’ve completed your free foot scan, you’re eligible to save £75 on your next pair of orthotic insoles with our fantastic clinic offer.

So what are you waiting for? You can arrange your free foot scan by filling in our simple online form or calling us at 01429 866 771 and we’ll look forward to helping you get back on track with your foot health!

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