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How Long Does Back Pain Last?

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Always get asked this question about how long it takes…


“Paul… how long will my Back Pain Last?”


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Answer: That ALWAYS depends…

On what *YOU* do <==== To help you understand this better, let me answer another quick question: "How long does TOOTH pain last"?... I don't know about you, but my tooth pain doesn't last any longer than a day or two after *I've first noticed it*. And assuming that Mr Flemming Jnr (My dentist in Hartlepool...) can get me in sooner, it isn't even lasting that long. See I know that my tooth pain ISN'T like to go any where. (I also know that any enjoyment or pleasure in my life is on-hold until it's gone...) I can "yank it", press it or even jiggle it around in my mouth in an attempt to ease it, but secretly I know that the tooth pain or ache isn't budging. I can try some pain killers. But they'll wear off. And I'm going to get woken up through the night when they do. So I "make the call" (To the dentist...). And here's the REAL story WHY I make that call to Mr Flemming: It's because my MAM taught me to do so when I was a little boy. What's more, she told me that to stop tooth pain from happening to me, I should go and see Mr Flemming about every six months. And of course, I still do that today. (My Mam ALWAYS knows best...) I bet you go and see your dentist regularly too?, So maybe think about ending your back pain, being a little like this: Without "splitting hairs", tooth pain and back pain are the same. A negative impact on the enjoyment you can get from your life whilst you've got either... In fact I'd argue that back pain is WORSE... Because you can have everyone of those teeth pulled out if they all ROT, but you sure can't replace your spine when it "packs up". Why then, would anyone choose NOT to pick up the phone and end their back pain at the first sight of it, by calling a Top Physio? "Simple"! ...It's because as a child, your Mam (or Mum) never took you to a Physio (or equivalent), and she didn't keep telling you every six months about the importance of looking after your lower back, like she likely did your teeth. As a child, you took for granted that your body would always be fine - that your problems are way off in the distance...for worrying about some other day. But, maybe that day for worrying has arrived? And you ending your back pain is really NO different to ending any tooth pain you may have had in the past. Your back pain (and the worry and the fear and frustration that come with it), will stop the minute you decide to make a the first call to my clinic. Please be assured -- there's no drills and definitely no needles or injections, or anything nasty like that. Just a Specialist Physio with confident answers, lots of time to listen (to you) and a receptionist with a warm welcome and a cup of coffee waiting for when you arrive. You can make an enquiry about the cost and next free appointment close to you, when you click this link and fill out the form that appears:
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Talk soon,

Paul ;=)

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P.S You’re going to ENJOY your time with us…

And I want you to be VERY happy and healthy at the end of it.

And if you’re not, then you can ask for all of your money back or walk away without paying.

That’s how confident I am at being able to help you enjoy life and make the most of your health.

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Paul Gough
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