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How To Ease Chronic Low Back Pain With Simple Stretches Like These…

Funny story …

So the number of patients requesting copies of my new book (The Healthy Habit) is hurtling towards 100 in the last week alone…


And I’ve had some lovely comments from patients as they walk out the door with their new, 190 pages of easy bed time reading, in hand.

However… Just yesterday we received what is sure to be one of the most GLOWING references…

A stone wall, rock solid, iron clad reason that ANYONE in their 50’s or above, should by the book.

This: “Ooooh… and it fits lovely into my handbag!”… lol

That was the comment from a lovely patient of ours in Guisborough yesterday who was ever so thrilled that she could order a copy of the “instruction” book which could help her to keep more active and live free from painkillers — which happens to fit nicely into her bag!…

It made my day …really made me giggle and got me thinking: maybe I should ask the lady to place that precise comment on “Amazon”… to see if it can’t sway a few 1000 more book sales from all across the world. What do you think?

Should I?….

On a serious note… I think I understand what this health conscious lady is REALLY saying.

Something like:

“I can take this amazing book of health secrets with me EVERYWHERE – just like I do my lipstick and my make up!” OR “I don’t even have to do without either of those “absolute essentials” to ensure that I can carry with me all of the stuff I need to know about living a more active, and more healthy life — long into my 60’s, 70’s and 70’s..”

Knowing vital things like:

* Why retirement could be harmful to health…

* Why wearing just this one pair of shoes (that most people do!) could make knee and back pain WORSE!

* Why going to the slimming clubs isn’t even needed — not if you know what I reveal on page * Why, when the sun comes out, most people make a huge mistake that contributes to early arthritis…

* True (and fascinating!) stories of men and women living active, healthy lives, even in their 80’s and 90’s … and the secret of how they got there!!…

* And so much crammed into one handbag!… …

Because all of that IS now currently inside this ladies handbag!…

Anyhow, I have a story from inside the book that could help you DEFEAT chronic back pain. Here’s an article I wrote that you can find in chapter 6 — shows you the only things you need to be doing to limit back pain:

Simple stretches To Ease Chronic Back Pain For People Aged 45 + >>>

Just click the link to read it:

Simple stretches To Ease Chronic Back Pain For People Aged 45 + >>>

The amazing thing about the book, of course, is that anyone who reads it and is aged 50+ is likely to benefit from it.

Worth finding out more?…

Look here next:

Cheerio for now.

Paul Gough


Paul Gough
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