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How To Ease Daily, Annoying And Nagging Chronic Knee Pain

Did you know that May is “National Walking Month”?…

The month that most people are likely to get on their walking shoes and get some very gentle exercise in the form of “walking”.

As a result, it’s also THE most likely time of the year that we see people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and above suffering with KNEE PAIN in our physio clinics.

So here’s my question to you:

Are you suffering with any knee pain?

An “ache”, a “twinge” a “stiffness”, “swelling” or finding it more and more difficult to get going on a morning?

(If so, it’s a warning sign that something is wrong ;-(

Or, is someone you know being held back because of a pain or an ache in their knee — one which is likely to threaten their mobility and lower levels of activity this summer?…

If so, and you (or they) want some help, I have a couple of options for you:

Here’s the first:

* Click here to read this article from my latest book “The Healthy Habit” which talks more about the causes of knee pain and offers tips on what to do to ease it…

Knee Pain Tips To Keep You Active This Summer >>>

And the second option:

* HIT REPLY to this email if you want to know about offer “patient appreciation” offer…

We’re helping people with KNEE PAIN this week and lowering the cost to help people at the beginning of their knee pain battle — but who want to sort it BEFORE it gets really bad and it takes a lot longer (and costs more) to do so.

If you’re a past patient of ours … and you’re one of the first 6 people to reply to tell us that you’re wanting to live with less knee pain this summer… we can offer you a nice discount on getting this thing SORTED, properly, and BEFORE it gets out of hand without you needing to take any nasty painkillers or waste money on a support!…

HIT REPLY if you feel like this would be of interest to you and we’ll let you know more about the cost and if we can definitely help you.

Hope this helps…

…and please feel free to share the below article with your friends and family who might be suffering on each day with nagging knee pain:

Knee Pain Tips To Keep You Active This Summer >>>


Paul Gough

P.S Hit REPLY to find out more about the offer to help you live with less knee pain…

We’ve only got room for 6 people at this low price offer for valued past patients so be quick to reply if you’re interested.

Paul Gough
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