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How To End Chronic Back Pain “NATURALLY” (…And Knee And Neck/Shoulder Pain)

Here’s a Real Live Case Study:

“Meet Steve”.

A very health conscious customer of ours from Langely Moore, Durham.

He’s 53 and has been suffering from what he describes as “daily annoying and nagging Back Pain”.

Here’s his story:

Steve is an office worker meaning he sits all day at work. On a night he likes to be active and go for walks along the River banks and through the Woods of Durham.

But, approx 18 months ago his lower back began to feel more and more stiff. And it had gotten to the point where he was unable to sit for more that 10 minutes without wriggling around in his chair at woe (or home) to ease the pain and he certainly could stand or walk for what was now being limited on a daily basis, to less than 15-17 minutes.

He came to see us most recently having tried massage at a local “wellbeing” place and was somewhat interested in what Acupuncture might be able to do, to end his pain.

So here’s what we did for him:

We offered the now very popular: “Organic Care Plan +”…

it’s a Tri-NATURAL Therapy approach to ending back pain.

(Works for knee pain and neck and shoulder pain like this too).

It’s a combination of THREE very natural therapies including:

* Therapeutic Massage
* Acupuncture
* Physiotherapy (Manual Realignment of joint)

+ Done for You Exercise Routines including Pilates and Yoga to work on at home, with the option of firming up all of the benefits with Prescription Orthotics.

And here’s how it works: It’s a “round robin” style combination of al of the above:

– Visit 1 – Massage (To relax muscles)

– Visit 2 – Acupuncture (+ Massage) To ease nagging pain and stimulate nerves to release feel good chemical around body.

– Visit 3 – Physiotherapy to realign stiff and stuck joints.

This continued as per Physio recommendation for Steve’s bad back for just three weeks.

And it worked like crazy.

As in, it REALLY helped him out 😉

And heres why:

1.) Massage — it’s proven to relax muscles. And one of the worst symptoms of back pain is muscles that are stiff, tense and tight. Relaxing and deep, therapeutic massage aims to ease this gently but firmly.

2.) Acupuncture — it eases pain by stimulating nerves, and it works fast and is particularly helpful with chronic, daily annoying type of pain..

(…By now we had been able to relax Steve’s muscles that were tight, then we could redirect some of his pain using Acupuncture).


3.) Physiotherapy and Manual Re-alingement –> And doing all of this for Steve in the previous 3 days made it much easier to begin the high skill level Physio techniques which included Manual Realignment. Important, because most daily annoying and irritating back pain suffered by people aged 47+, is caused by joints that are stuck in the wrong place, making it difficult to move and bend freely, not to mention causing “nagging” daily constant pain and stiffness.

And this continued for three weeks and Steve really got the benefits of the Natural therapy approach when he added in one of two easy to follow and done for you Exercises routines prepared by our Pilates and Yoga Expert, Samantha Dakers.

This meant that all of the work that had been done — the massage to relax tight muscles, the Acupuncture to redirect pain and stimulate his nerves, and the Physio techniques which set about unlocking and realigning stiff joints, COULD BE BACKED UP by him working on the muscles which had stopped working years ago and likely the root cause of his pain, the CORE muscles.

Important to Steve because he sits all day and likes to walk on sometimes uneven and hilly surfaces which having a strong and healthy back — is an absolute requirement.

Steve went one further and opted for prescription Orthotics. Not everybody is suitable for these and they don’t just benefit everybody whose ever suffered back pain — but Steve had flat feet. And his knees rolled inwards slightly too, causing bits of unwanted pain in his shins when he walked.

With symptoms like that, matched up to the lifestyle he expressed a wish to carry on with for many years to come, he thought (and physio agreed) that it would be sensible to re-enforce the benefits of the Organic Care Plan he’d been on, by treating his Joints to recommended Pair of Orthotics that fit just nicely inside his Walking shoes.

If you’d be interested in getting results like Steve, call us on 0800 043 8671 and talk to one of our Physios about your suitability for the Organic “Very Natural Therapy” Care Plan.

or use this link here now:

Warning: this is not suitable for everyone, but if you have any of the following concerns, then we are likely to be able to help you and will be happy to offer you space on this popular Care Plan:

1.) Daily, annoying nagging Back Pain

2.) Daily, annoying, nagging Knee Pain

3.) Daily, annoying nagging neck/shoulder Pain.

If you’d be interested in living without any of these, please call and ask to speak to a Physio about you receiving the full benefits of this Care Plan. 0800 043 8671 or send an email now to, with the following subject line:

“Organic Care Plan – I’m Interested”

Talk soon.

Dedicated to restoring your health,

Paul Gough 😉

Paul Gough
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