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How To Get Fit Without Exercising!

One of the problems that many people face at the start of summer is that they think they have to take part in some sort of exercise programme – like a boot camp or a body pump class – to get to that desired place of “heightened well-being”!

However, in reality, that’s not strictly true! Exercising can be tough – and even tougher to sustain – and if you’re currently thinking exercise involves keeping fit, then the problem lies in the reality that you’ve got to KEEP at it.

For some people, that’s a big enough obstacle to even starting in the first place, and a reason why so many people look and feel unhealthy. They don’t do much keeping fit, simply because they know they’re unlikely to be able sustain it… so what’s the point in starting?

That make sense? And, have you ever felt like that? (I know many people have).


Want the answer to the problem?

Ok, here you go… all you have to do is to forget about keeping fit altogether. That’s right, forget it! Because it’s not the only way to feel healthier.

Instead, just focus on being “active” which can be achieved by a simple walk or a house clean!

And it’s not the same thing!…

See, it’s a shift in the way you think and how you see the task at hand, and it will make it more likely that you’ll sustain the activity for longer. All the health benefits you need, the ones that are going to keep joints supple and your heart and lungs in better shape, are often just the same as keeping “active”, as they are in keeping “fit”.

The only difference is that being active is much easier to sustain.

This might help: the way you feel about being active or exercising BEFORE you go and do it is never the same as when you’re actually doing it, or when you’ve finished it. A big mistake is to wait until that moment when you feel a bit more like actually getting up and going to do something like take a walk, go for a jog or a bike ride, even go to the gym. Why is it a mistake?

Simple – because that feeling which makes you want to get up and go (for that run!) rarely comes on its own! You have to make it arrive!

And besides, have you ever gone for a walk or run and wished you hadn’t?… Unless you tripped and fell, I doubt if the answer is yes!

It’s very unlikely that you will ever regret doing something that involves being active and that’s because of the feel-good chemicals (endorphins!) that get released naturally from being “active” for just 20 minutes or more, which means it’s almost scientifically impossible to feel any other way than, well great.

The easiest way to change how you feel about starting to do some form of activity is to just MOVE. Do something – anything! Just get up and go, even though you think you don’t feel like doing it.

Why? Because you’ll find it almost impossible to think any positive thoughts about being active while you’re completely “stationary” i.e sat on your couch! A short walk around the house is often enough to motivate you enough to take that walk outside, further and for longer!…

With the light nights here, NOW is the time to get more active. Your joints will thank you for it.

Written By physio Paul Gough. 

– Author of “The Healthy Habit” book.

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P.P.S you can locate the rest of this story on page 38,  Chapter 3 of the  book! 😉

Paul Gough
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