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“How To Loosen Up A Little” … From A Really Stiff Lower Back

Let’s answer a pressing question which another email subscriber recently wanted to know the answer too:

(And see if we can get YOU a bit more flexible and “looser” in the process…)


“Paul.. what exercises can I do to improve flexibility in my lower back?

Thanks for the invitation to ask”.

– Dave (Age and town not provided).


Okay, where do I begin!

A lack of flexibility is an issue for most people and the bad news is that it only gets worse.

It’s a natural process that we all go through and is a consequence of the *very privileged* process of gracefully growing older.

Now, because “Dave” didn’t leave me his age, I’m going to play a little guessing game and assume that he’s about 45!

I pick that age on purpose because “45” is a pivotal age that people REALLY start to notice a loss in flexibility — a simple inability to be able to move, bend and stretch as easily as they once could.

But, reality is, it started to happen when you were about 30!

And because we all spend so much time sitting and not much time stretching out after it, stiffness in places like your lower back is a consequence.

So, do you want to know what do about it?

“Good”, I shall show you:

If you’ve been following my columns, my emails or spoken to me in clinic you’ll have picked up on that I’m a huge FAN of “Pilates” and “Yoga”.

I think everyone should do both (at least once per week) and if someone pushed me to admit to which types of exercises make the biggest difference to healthy living, I’d say both of these (yoga and pilates).

So, with that in mind, I made this for you:

Stretching guide

It’s a 7 day, 7 minute stretching guide that we made here in clinic and I want you to have and enjoy following.

(Combines a lot of YOGA, with a touch of Pilates…)

We put it together specifically to help people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who wish they were a bit less stiff and a bit more mobile.

And, if you follow the instructions inside this guide and emulate the positions in the pretty pictures, once a day for just 7 minutes, you will notice a healthy difference.

Now, a little word of warning…

Please don’t expect to start touching your toes right away.

As with any success that comes from following any exercise regime, you’re going to need a bit of pig headed discipline and commitment to see the results which will happen slowly but steadily, over a period of weeks and months.

And it’s why made “7 minute” routines, so that it was really easy for you to keep up EVERYDAY.

Look here to get your free stretches guide from me:

>> Your Free 7 Min Flexibility Guide From Paul << Click the link ^ and watch it appear in front of you (or in your downloads). (If you have trouble opening it, please reply to the email and we'll find another way to get it to you 😉 Last thing from me: Now, I'm NOT promising this will happen to everyone... But, if you stick at this guide for about three months, there's every chance you'll be as flexible as that guy off the "AVIVA" advert (Paul Whitehouse) whose on TV each night with his legs behind his head and his hands round his back. (MAYBE!?....) Enjoy! Paul 😉 P.S Who do you that's unhealthy at the minute?.... If there's a friend of yours who could do with being a bit healthier at the minute, a good place for them to begin is with a solid bit of advice that often starts with "do this, but don't do that"... That solid advice for anything form back pain, to knee, neck or shoulder pain, can be found when you show them this page: Click To Make Your Friends Healthy

Paul Gough
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