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How To Make A Friend With Postnatal Back Pain Healthy

Top tips here for any person still suffering with pgp, sod or postnatal back pain:

Got something important for you that might help you or someone you know to get healthy again quickly…

Let me talk to you (briefly) about a certain type of “back pain” that is more painful and can last longer, than any other type I know of.

But, before I show you what it is…

It needs to be said that there’s only a “50-50” chance that it will ever happen to you.

And if it hasn’t happened to you…

There’s a very good chance you’ll know someone who HAS suffered with this type of back pain.

Maybe your partner, your daughter, grand daughter or a very close friend or work colleague whose ever been pregnant.

And I’m about to show you an easy way that YOU can help them out.

(Read on…)

“Postnatal Back Pain” is a BIG problem for many ladies during AND after they have given birth.

But, a bigger problem exists in that the NHS don’t always acknowledge it, often fail to recognise it and very little in the way of Specialist advice or help is given out.

Now, that’s a problem which is causing as many as 60% of ladies who have given birth, to STILL be suffering with BACK PAIN, 15 years later.

(Means you could have given birth in your 30’s and still be suffering in your 50’s because of it).

You’ll be surprised at how many ladies we see here in the clinic everyday who have came to us with “regular” back pain (that they’ve suffered with for many years), which is actually caused by a pregnancy MANY years ago.

Giving birth is often something that most ladies are completely unaware of as being the TRUE cause of ALL their “on-off” back pain.

And sadly, many got tired of asking for solid answers from the NHS and just gave up any hope of finding a solution thinking that there isn’t one, deciding to suffer in silence instead.

But that’s NOT needed.

And there is nearly always a way to make a difference, despite how many years that lady has suffered.

Now, a really simple way that YOU can help any one you know who MIGHT be suffering the effects of Postnatal Back Pain, is to simply some them this:

>>Click To Make Your Friend With Back Pain Healthy<<

It’s a link to web page ^ which will give ANY of your friends a chance to get healthy again, quickly and easily.

Specifically, it has a FREE Special Report on there written by our TOP North East Postnatal Physio (Samantha Dakers), who reveals ALL the 9 steps to ending postnatal back pain WITHOUT having to take painkillers or visit ANOTHER GP:

>>Click To Make Your Friend Healthy

It’s something she gives to all her clients…

And, has really helped lots of ladies suffering both physically and psychologically, by them FINALLY discovering a solid and reliable solution to their health concerns AND meeting someone who really understand their problem and cares about it.

So, if you know any one, please pass them this email or webpage and ask them to scroll to the Postnatal Report section where they can claim their free report from Samantha.

There’s 9 tips inside 11 page and will only take a few minute to read but please be quick as there’s a limit to the free downloads on there:

>>Click To Make Your Friend Healthy<<

You’d be doing them a HUGE help!

Best wishes,

Paul ;=)

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P.S Look at this…

Postnatal Back Pain
Postnatal Back Pain

Some comments left recently about the TOP work that Samantha has been doing here in our Postnatal Physio Dept for you to inspect to confirm that ALL of the advice that you’re friend will be getting is “Grade A”:

PGP, SPD and Postnatal Back Pain
More praise for Paul Gough Physio Rooms Specialist Postnatal Dept and Sammy Dakers.

All the tips are waiting here:

Paul Gough
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