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How To Recover From Exercise Like The England Rugby Team

I was talking the other day with one of my patients Gordon, all about the Rugby World Cup…

And he told me that when it’s Rugby season (one of Gordon’s favourite sports to watch!), he finds himself exercising even more as it motivates him, and gives him a great excuse to throw a rugby ball around with his grandson!

Now, the thing is, more exercise means more recovery – and if you really think, the recovery period is one of the most enjoyable parts, wouldn’t you agree?

How To Recover From Exercise Like The England Rugby Team

Put it this way, you can enjoy tasty meals knowing that you’ve worked hard for them, relax in hot bath, maybe treat yourself to a massage…

Who would say no to that?

Anyway, with the Rugby World Cup in full swing, I thought it would be great to share with you England’s exercise recovery routine, so you can do the same things too, to return to normal quicker without any aches and pains.

How To Recover Like An English Rugby Player…

England’s team have stepped it up a notch this year with their training to be the fittest team in the tournament. Each game pushes the players to their limit, so it’s essential that they’re in peak performance.

Because of this, during their training sessions they’re pushing themselves more than ever…

I’m sure you know what it feels like when you come to the end of any exercise and you know you’ve worked hard, your heart’s beating fast, and it’s tough to catch your breath?….

Well, just like the England team, recovery is essential for you too, and plays a key part in returning to exercise quicker without any annoying aches.

So what’s one of the first things that the England team do?

Straight after exercise they make sure they eat a good balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein…

One thing to remember is it’s not so much about the calories, but more about the quality of the food you’re eating. Some of the players have admitted that they have a sweet tooth – so grabbing plenty of fruit to snack on, and even a chocolate milkshake, could be part of what you have to restore your energy levels as well.

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Another thing to be aware of after exercise, is if anything feels a bit tight. After a training session the team will always do a few stretches, usually get a massage and have some physio.

The reason why they do this, is to ensure that they can keep performing to the best of their ability in a tournament, and reduce the risk of injuries creeping up when they least expect it.

So there you have it, good food, massage and physio – the exact same way England Rugby players look after their bodies and recover from exercise, now you can too!

If you want to find out even more ways that pro athletes recover to reduce the risk of injury, you can visit my website: and download a free guide especially for you, where you’ll discover 7 secret strategies.

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