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How To “Reframe” Running To Improve Your Health.

This “sneaky little question” gets asked a lot:

“Paul, I read your columns in the newspapers each week and I subscribe to your emails too and I often wonder how someone can manage to write so often and never appear to run out of ideas or things to say. How do you do it?”

Ben – 47. Ferryhill.

It’s true. I write loads. I have two weekly newspaper columns to think up, three email lists with more than 23’000 people on them, each to keep happy and whilst educating through entertaining, about health. I have a blog to write, I’m in the middle of writing my first book (to be published later this year) and I write for two fitness companies in America.

And you know what?

I run out of ideas on many occasions. Sometimes a story just doesn’t develop for me. Meaning, I’m often sat there at my iMac and it’s like pulling teeth waiting for something to happen. And the worst thing I can ever do is try and force it. And staring at the screen always makes it worse.

Now, I’m no natural runner. Nor am I a particularly “fit” person. I always have to work at it. And if you ever see me out on my bike or running round town, believe me, it’s not because I really want to be doing it. I just want what it brings.

And that’s a boatload of ideas and creativity as I’m doing it. There’s something called runners high. It’s when endorphins are released from the brain. “Well-being” occurs but more importantly for me, it brings heightened clarity. Something I call “free thinking”

My point: I get my best ideas when I’m running or riding and if I ever need one, I get the bike or my trainers out. It’s amazing. Works every time. How good? So good that I’ve had to take my iphone with me each time and down load a Dictaphone on there just so I can record all of my ideas. Nothing worse than getting back to my desk and have all of the endorphin educed ideas, faded to waste.

Think about when you’re on the move. Most of the great things you think, see or do, will happen when you’re being active. I’m trying hard, and even if I went for a run right now, I’d struggle to come up with something that made me feel great whilst I was sat on the couch and watching TV.

Maybe you don’t like running or “keeping fit”? Might help to tell your self a different story or find a different reason to run, and focus on a different outcome. I run (and ride) for clarity, it just so happens that I get the health benefits of an elevated heart rate to boot.

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