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“Is Retirement Harmful To Your Health?” (Some Say It Is!)

Let me take you actually inside the book…


And straight to the Chapter (3) titled:

“Is Retirement Harmful To Your Health?”

…this is an interesting chapter.

And one that talk about things like:

* How to spot if your job is likely to cause you more health problems when you retire

* How to make the whole “age thing”… a thing of your past.

And EVEN shows you,

* Where to LOOK to find what I call “Grand Health Opportunities”.

But, what this chapter really does, is question WHY people choose to retire when they do.


It exposes what many people now believe to be the single biggest cause of ill-health in “retirees”.

Want to read more about that?

Ok, here’s a little sneak preview for you to enjoy:


“LET’S TALK about the dangers of being inactive.

I may be wrong, but I think many people fail to prepare for what could be the single most inactive period of their life –retirement. If you’re in your “50’s”, it’s highly likely that you’ve thought about what to do in your retirement – many times over. Maybe even dreamed about it.

But here’s the problem: most people only ever consider the financial aspect of retirement. They fail to consider the other big, important aspect – what to do with the gaping time hole it creates.

So how do you go about filling the huge void that is created every day of every week, when your 9-5 working day is history? If you haven’t yet considered that aspect of retirement, then let’s do so now.

Start by considering how you feel about taking a break and going on holiday. Most people love the thought of having two whole weeks to do nothing, but then, about 10 days in, they start to think about getting back home and returning to their everyday routine.

You see, doing nothing all day but lie on a beach isn’t always as exciting as it first seems. Many people secretly get to a point well before the 14 days of their holiday are even up when they begin to realise they want to get home.

Your home routine is appealing simply because you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do to fill your day. More: it’s happening because doing nothing other than sleeping, eating and drinking doesn’t always make you feel as great as you thought it would.

Somehow, the routine that you were so keen to get away from is the very thing you crave by the end.

What’s more, have you ever noticed after your holiday how long it takes to switch your brain back on at work and be able to do things as easy and as effortlessly as you could pre-holiday? And your exercise habits are affected too.

Think how long it takes to get going again with a simple fitness routine, or to pick up the after-work walks, with friends. Getting back into these good habits after a holiday often takes much longer than people think – if they think about it at all.

It’s not uncommon for three or four months of healthy exercise habits in the build-up to a family holiday to be lost completely when the return flight touches down at the airport.

So, what has this got to do with your retirement?

Well, think about it – if 14 days is too long a time to do nothing, what will it be like with the 20 or more years of inactivity which is coming your way in retirement?

How will you cope when you’ve got all that time on your hands and you’re not sure how you’re even going to begin to fill it? Sure, the monthly income may be taken care of, but have you thought about the amount of spare time you’re going to need to fill?

There’s not a day goes by when I’m not involved in a conversation about this topic with a client.

Although retirement is a long way off for me, because I’m familiar with the health issues caused by inactivity during retirement, taking ‘early retirement’ is something I encourage people to think long and hard about.

To be more precise, they may need to reconsider it.

Why? Well, First of all…

This article continues on page 47 of the Book!


…It goes on talk more about why it’s been PROVEN that retirement could be more harmful to your health than most people realise and explains why so many people feel like the only thing they need to take care of in retirement is their “finances”, yet all the while overlooking something MUCH more important.


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Dedicated to maintaining your health,

– Paul Gough

Published Author and leading UK physiotherapist.

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Paul Gough
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