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It really ISN’T “Just Muscular” (Neck and Shoulder Pain — GP Myths)

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In which the question is asked:

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“Paul, I went to my GP last week after suffering with tension and tightness in my shoulder (for 8-9 weeks now) which seems to always get worse at night.

It’s not great through the day, but I can say frustratingly, it seems to want to get worse, every time I get set to go to sleep.

To cut a long story short, I went to my GP a few weeks back and he told me it’s likely to be “just muscular” and gave a course of anti-inflammatories (and some paracetamol).

From your experience, does it sound likely to be “just muscular” as the GP suggests, and will such medication actually help me?

Grateful of a reply and your time Paul.

Joy. 51, Guisborough.

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To be blunt, the GP isn’t helping Joy here.

To suggest that it’s “just muscular” is naive at best, negligent at worst.


Because shoulder muscles don’t just “all of a sudden” decide to get tight and tense.

There is ALWAYS an underlying reason.

“It’s muscular” is what’s causing Joys pain, but it’s not the root cause for the pain.

It shows up because something else is wrong.

(And sure, painkillers will make a difference…)

But they absolutely WON’T help.

(I’d argue it will make her problem worse, in the end).

Because what ever caused the muscle to tighten in the first place is still going to be wrong.

Hint: Neck joints that are stuck and stiff are likely to get a tad easier through the day because the neck is moving more, meaning the stiff joints are made looser.

But as you begin to wind down on the couch, and then spend all night in bed, the joints in your neck stiffen back up.

And so you feel pain.

The SOLUTION is to have the joints put back in the RIGHT place.

As in, eased very gently by hand, back into the correct position .

Massage is vital to ease pain, and will do naturally what the doctor is trying to do with painkillers.

After that, Exercises come into play.

And will work at giving more movement and strength, and improving posture.

Meaning you’re going to look more healthy too 😉

And that would be nice, right?

Physio for this type of problem is a very simple three step process:

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1.) Find the root cause..

2.) Work by hand doing manual re-alignment of stiff joints and deep massage of tight muscles…

3.) Show best exercises to work on at home to make improvement happen faster.

= = =

And it’s the latter that is so important … if you want to stop the pain from coming back, any time soon.


If you’re at all interested in finding out more about the very natural and simple solution to ending your pain and tension, then let’s start by talking on the phone.

I can explain why we’re likely to be your best option (if you’re aged 40 or over) AND I can show you what makes us different from all of the other options you’ve got, too.

I can promise you many more answers than ANY GP will ever give you and the solution we have for you will work quick, it’s easy, and there’s not much for you to do, other than show up at one of our clinics.

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Then follow the very simple instructions.

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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

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Paul Gough
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