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Kevins Story of HOPE (Severe *Neck* pain)

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The following is a true story and came in on the patient message board, not long ago.

Only the new born baby’s name has been removed to protect her identity – but no other names have been changed or words added/removed.

= = = =

“Hi Paul,

I was in an immense amount of pain and had significant weakness in my arms when I first spoke to Vicki (customer service) on the live chat thing on your website.

I had not slept properly for about 6 weeks and with our first baby due in a couple of days time and no sight of my first NHS physio appointment or any improvement, something had to be done.

Vicki managed to fit me in that same day at Guisborough and I had a somewhat uncomfortable session with Kevan to start my recovery.

Immediately afterwards I felt better, still in pain but my neck felt a lot looser and my mood had perked up a lot once I knew what was wrong and you could help me.

I have since had a couple of sessions with Sammy and another with Kevan and my neck pain is now just about gone. I am no longer taking any pain killers. I am however left with the weak arms thing probably due to a trapped nerve which I guess was the cause of all my problems.

I expect that this will with some more physio, and hopefully means no surgery.

I am very impressed with the treatment I have received from your excellent physios and the warm and pleasant atmosphere provided at your clinic.

My only regret is not doing it sooner.

Incidentally my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, on the 6th of April.

This occasion would have been a significantly less happy event for me had I not taken the plunge with your team.

I just hope that I can get this ‘rubber arms’ syndrome resolved ASAP so I can carry my new baby girl around without fear of collapsing in a heap.

I am also keen to get out running again, but I think that could be a long way off yet.

Kind regards and thanks”,

– Kev. 41, Great Ayton.

= = = =

What you’ve just read is a *pretty extreme* case of neck pain.

And often occurs due to “procrastination” (putting off going to see the right people…).

Chances are that your neck pain and restrictions in life are no where near as bad as Kevan’s (yet) – and your transformation will be even easier for us to achieve for you, and will happen much sooner.

That Physio works for helping people with neck pain, is not for doubting…

I’ve witnessed stories like this first hand for more than 10 years now and this is not an unfamiliar one, nor is the “joy” at finally beginning to live life without neck pain, lost on me.

That me and my team will welcome you with open arms and offer YOU the very same “warm and welcome atmosphere” that Kevin mentioned is also GUARANTEED.

Last thing from me:

When are we going to get the chance to help you out like this, too?

The best (and the easiest) place to start is here:

Request A Call Back From A Physio

It’s completely FREE and connects you to one of our physios in the next few hours to discuss your best options and what needs to be done so that YOU can start living without neck pain like Kevin.

We’re open RIGHT NOW and if you are reading this at dinner time, chances are we can try and get someone to call you by the end of the day.

Click here and then follow the simple instructions to arrange to talk to one of our physios from the co
mfort of your own home:

Request A Call Back From A Physio
Here’s to you enjoying much better health,

Paul 😉

P.S Within 23 seconds you will know EXACTLY what Kevin meant about the warm and friendly atmosphere that we have waiting here for YOU.

PLUS…handy hints and “tips” to ease neck and shoulder pain are also given out daily on the phone by our best physio…

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Free Tips for ANY person suffering with neck and shoulder pain, are given away here:



Paul Gough
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