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Knee Pain : 3 “Stupidly Simple” Ways To Ease Knee Pain Fast… Perfect If You’re Aged 45 +…

It’s one of the most common “nagging” issues that any person aged 45 will ever suffer from…

“Chronic Knee Pain”

And here are three stupidly simple ways to ease it and you very easily start using all of them TODAY and see a BIG difference:

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1. Avoid Sitting With Your Legs Bent For More Than 20
Minutes At A Time

There’s so much ‘gossip’ that surrounds knee pain. But this is FACT…you and I
were not designed to sit. It goes against every basic, fundamental rule of the
way we originally evolved as humans.

When you sit at a desk or in a chair with your knees bent underneath, you’re
stretching ligaments and muscles and placing your knee in a position that is
unnatural – and it really wasn’t supposed to be in for very long.
Limit the amount of time doing it and keep your knees straight when ever

2. Avoid Sitting Cross Legged

Closely linked to the above. Your knee joint isn’t designed to twist or turn. And
sitting in a cross-legged position is doing just that. In this position, your joints
are twisted, muscles stretched and you’re vulnerable to injury.

Spending an excess of time in this position will catch up on you – usually aged
40-60 in the form of unwanted noises like click clunk and crack – and more
swelling than most other people your age.

3. Sleep With A Pillow Between Your Knees

Might be difcult at frst, but if you can persist, it lowers the amount of rotation/
twisting happening at your knee joint. Remember I said in principle number
4 that it was important to avoid sitting cross-legged? Well it’s the same when
you’re asleep.
If you sleep on your side, try a pillow between your legs to keep your knee joint


So, there you have it:

3 things that you can do TODAY to Ease Your Knee Pain.

There’s obviously so much you can do too, and I could go much more in-depth on
ways to end Knee Pain than the principles I’ve given you here, but these
fundamentals, if you apply them rigorously and are disciplined, will make a
huge diference to the quality of your life.

I have 8 more tips waiting for you inside a Special Report which you can read when you look here:

Paul Gough
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