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Knee Pain: 5 Things That Don’t Work Like You Hope To Stop Knee Pain (….And One That REALLY Does)

Let’s talk…

…About why Physio (my style) could very well be like nothing you’ve ever tried in the past, and why, if you’re aged 40 +, it COULD BE your BEST option to stop knee pain.

I’ll start by explaining what other options some people “try” before they come and see me when looking for ways to end knee pain


1.) FREE NHS Physio

2.) Painkillers

3.) Pilates or Yoga classes

4.) “Nice” relaxing, hotel style massages

5.) Rest/time


…And then I’ll explain why non of them hardly ever work like the person trying them, hopes:

1.) Free NHS Physio

Unlikely to work so well because they DON’T use their hands to work on your muscles and joints physically.

(Most NHS are prevented from doing it completely…)


Free Physio on the NHS these days is realistically a phone call with some follow up exercises (generic) sent to you in the post a few days later. If it’s no better, they will ask you to call back to the GP in 6 weeks.

2.) Painkillers

Don’t work because all that paracetamol and anti-inflammatory tablets do is MASK the pain.

The underlying, root cause of the problem is still there and when the painkillers wear off, you’ve still got a very tight muscle or a stuck joint in your back.

(Thus, problem NOT solved…)

3.) Pilates and Yoga classes

Don’t work because people do such classes at the wrong time.

Stretching a painful muscle caused by a stiff joint, will often make it worse. The right time to begin these types of classes is AFTER the problem is fixed – to stop it from coming back 😉

4.) “Nice” relaxing hotel style massages

Unlikely to ever work because the pressure applied to the muscles by beauty therapists is hardly ever right.

Not the girls fault though, those types of beauty therapists are NOT trained to understand the root cause of your problem so they will never be able to know just what pressure to apply, or where to do it.

5.) Rest/time

Doesn’t work because with time and more rest, muscles get tighter and shorter and joints get stiffer.

Leave you car on the drive for a few weeks and after you come back from holiday, it’s unlikely to drive well, if it will start at all.


Knee Pain Tips And Advice Being Given Away Free, here:

…Joints and muscles are designed to move.

YOU are hardwired to move and your body gets stronger the more you do it.

…And that’s why it’s VITAL you get your knee joint moving and unlocked, and muscles released — so you can freely begin to move again.

(Absent of pain…)

Both of which we can do for you.

And it’s the main reason why what we’ll do for you WILL be nothing like anything you’ll have ever tried so far.

I want you to know that we’re nothing like the NHS.

We don’t recommend painkillers.

Exercises will be progressed safely and when you’re ready to do them and will be SPECIFIC to you and your needs only.

And the Therapeutic Massages that we do for you, they’re done with expert hands trained to know PRECISELY where, when and how much pressure to apply to the problem area.

As for rest?

Our goal is to get you ACTIVE and “on the go” like you deserve to be and know you can be, and like you want to be, as quickly as possible.

(So we won’t be recommending much of that…)

Does that sound like something you were hoping for when you came to my website?

If so, please start here:

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And we’ll create a return message that is customised specifically to what you want to achieve from Physio and we’ll let you know about ALL of the different options that are available to you.

Tip: You could choose from 30 or 60 minute consultations, or Natural Therapy Programmes and Packages GUARANTEED to work, or you don’t pay.

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Talk soon,

Paul 😉

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P.S It’s FULLY guaranteed to work too…

And if we don’t deliver on the promise I’m making to ease your back pain, you don’t pay, and I DO!..

Means you’ve got nothing to loose by coming here for Physio.

It’s “win win” ;=)

Please start here though just because it’s easy for you to do so:

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Knee Pain Tips And Advice Being Given Away Free, here:

Paul Gough
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