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Knee Pain: “Click Clunk, Crack…” And Why Skipping The Basics Makes Pain Likely To Get Worse Aged 45+….

Today’s message is only for people who are hearing things:

Specifically – “Click, clunk & crack”…

(From their knee joints…)

Once upon a time in the 80’s, there was a film with a karate master who took on a new student named Daniel (son).

The student had recently moved to a new school and was being bullied by the big kids there. Daniel was full of frustration and anger and wanted to end that fast, wanted to skip straight to the advanced stuff so that he could put up a better fight next time the big lads picked on him.

“Show me something advanced”.

So the master thought about it.

And in the blink of an eye, threw a punch so fast…the speed of it blew out a nearby candle!

“Show me how to punch that fast!” squeaked the student.

To which the master said…

“First, you need to learn HOW to punch”…

And here’s the thing:

People with knee pain often miss this point. They try to skip the fundamentals of a full recovery and try to run before they can walk. And, thus, often leave themselves in a much worse situation because of it.

(With even more swelling, aches, clicks, clunks and cracks etc, etc,…)

Worse yet, many GP’s are guilty of skipping the fundamentals of knee pain recovery too.

“Do some exercise…that’ll help”

But what if you’ve continued with exercise thinking it’s helping and skipped over the fundamentals such as having your body re-set by a physio to make sure that joints, muscles and ligaments and even your feet, are are actually working in the right way?

Then you’d be guilty of trying to take the fast route back to recovery, which is rarely the best.

And a costly mistake that so many people aged 40+ are guilty of making.

Thing is, it’s “killing” their knees.

Because most knees that click, clunk and crack, are screaming out for help. And it doesn’t come in the form of any extra exercise.

(More exercise is the goal, not the cure…)

Moral of the story?

When it comes to your knee health, you can’t skip over the fundamentals…

Find a physio who is a MASTER at things like stretching tight muscles, loosening stiff joints, strengthening weak muscles and one who can spot a problem with your feet even if you were just strolling past each other along a beach at sunset with a pair of sandals on…

Because each of those (and more) needs looking at properly if you really want to sort this knee issue and start living each day free from pain and stiffness.

(And noises…)

Sure, it might take a couple of weeks, and sure, it might mean you need to pay for it, but if you really value your health and lifestyle, why would you wait? And what could be more important that it should come before it?

If you’re as serious about your health as most people I meet, click here now and lets get started

Talk soon,

Paul 🙂

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Tel: 01429 866771

P.S Degenerative knee pain does not fix it self.


If you’re lucky, it will subside, but it WILL be back. Let’s put a stop to just delaying the inevitable.

And it’s financially risk free (for you but not me) to do it. If you don’t think physio was worth the investment you make, just tell me you want your money back, I’ll give it you no questions asked.

P.P.S The film? Karate Kid! One of my all time favourite films (first one I ever watched laid on the couch with my little boy Harry).

– AND – IN -THE – END –

Doing things the right way, following his experts lead, Daniel (son) gets the outcome he wants.

Are you going to get yours?

Paul Gough
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