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Knee Pain : “Half Bat” Advice Off The Internet And Why Friends And Family Advice Rarely Ever Helps…

This message comes with an important message.

To tip you off on how to recognise at least two of the ‘vultures’ that are likely to be circling above your head trying to sabotage your recovery from this knee trouble.

Free Tips To Ease Knee Pain:

It happens to nearly every person I know that has ever suffered with knee pain (& stiffness…) and often costs them dearly with wasted days spent suffering longer than they should have been.

The message is even more important if you’re at the beginning of your journey to find some honest and reliable advice on what to do about your kee pain.

And I know for sure that this is a real problem you’re likely to be facing.

Because I’ve seen it 1000’s of times before.

(No exaggeration…)

At the last count, my physio clinic has helped over 23’000 people, many of whom arrived with knee pain.

Most of born before 1975 and all concerned, unsure of the best options, curious, perhaps even sceptical about physio and wondering what to do next.

But most of all, each worried about losing their ability to do things or go places with friends and family, as easily and as care free as they once could.

Two enemies that you have got:


1.) ‘Half bat’ advice on the Internet.

2.) What everyone around you is saying.


Today, 10’000’s of people are losing their knee pain battle because they chose ‘half bat’ advice on the Internet, which often makes things worse, or does nothing what so ever to improve it.

To me, they are one and the same.

The second enemy:

Listening to what well meaning people, (including friends and family), are telling you is the best way to deal with back pain.

Problem is, so many people aged 45+ will profess to have had the same knee pain as you or will happily admit that they too “once had something similar”.

(That’s very unlikely…)

Because rarely in health care are two cases ever the same.

And so my first message to you is this:

*Do not hang around for too much longer before making your next decision*.

With knee pain lasting longer than 3 weeks, chances are it isn’t going to go of its own accord.

If you’ve already passed that time frame, then you really are skating on thin ice and with so much to lose, knee pain and stiffness permits no time for fooling around.

Sure, take just enough time to weigh up your best options, but please act fast. When it comes to knee pain, time is not on your side.

I’ve been doing this for 10 + years now and the truth about knee trouble is that medication only masks it (if you’re lucky), rest often prolongs it, yet exercise can also be guilty of making it worse.

So what do you do?

Which way do you turn?

I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the UK studying and working, have trained extensively in London and have even been across the atlantic to the USA to bring back the best and possibly the most advanced knee pain recovery strategies on the planet.

And I’ve been able to bring them all to the North East and I’ve housed them in a physio clinic that is very close to you.

(Even made it very easy for you to access with flexible opening hours…)

I’ll be real quick now:

I have a proven step-by-step strategy for ending knee pain inside 21 days.

It works.

And it works quick.

It’s recommended by GP’s and top Consultant Spinal Surgeons. I’ve used it so many times now that I often refer to it as my ‘secret formula’.

Why a secret?

Because I’m not sure that many of the other physios out there have ever cottoned on to doing it the way that I do it and demanding healthy results inside such a short space of time.

Call NOW to come and try it RISK FREE…

Talk soon.

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Tel: 01429 866771

P.S It’s a shame, because if more people knew what you now know about physio, and how it can be used to end knee pain & stiffness…

I’d be sure that less and less people aged 45+ would be spending so much of their lives suffering from it.

(Knee Pain…)

Free Tips To Ease Knee Pain:

Paul Gough
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