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Clinic Update 17-07-2024: Due to long waiting lists on the NHS, physio demand in the North East is exceptionally high. Our appointments are limited due to the severe demand, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Knee Pain: How To Ease Knee Pain Before The Winter Makes It Worse

Got something for you…

If one or both of your knees are aching or always annoying painful at the minute, then now is a good time to get your problem looked at.

You won’t need me to remind you how much worse chronic joint pain gets worse in the cold, damp winter months that are heading their way to us.

Before I show you how I can help, please look at these messages left just recently by clients (who started out by coming to see us via the free taster session) and are glad the got sorted out, just in time:

>> Your Free Taster Application Form For Help With Knee Pain << === 10!…Jonny was really good helpful and friendly he listened to my concerns and helped me cope with any worries which were sometimes worse than the pain. I believe we became friends during my sessions and laughed at different issues which definitely made me feel a more valued customer he is very good at what he does and very customer focused hope he has a great wedding and is very happy in his future he deserves it. Thank you By David L. === Another... === 10! ...All four physios that I had were very good. All were impressive from the minute I went in, showing genuine interest in my particular problem, and gave me confidence that their treatment would be effective. So, this rating and comment applies to Sammy, Kevin, Chris and Johnny. Left By John N. === Anyway. About your painful knees…. Saturday at 3pm is the deadline for our “free taster session” that will give and show you everything you need to know about what to for the best if you’re suffering with chronic knee pain that you know will get worse as the cold sets in. During the “free taster” for valued clients... We’ll give you one or two tips that you can use to make an instant difference, and we’ll also introduce you to the “Organic” Natural Therapy Care Plan which many of our clients are loving and feeling the benefit from. It’s a completely new way of easing chronic knee pain and involves using 5 natural therapies in one programme to defeat knee pain naturally (i.e without taking painkillers or bothering the GP). Anyhow, I’ve said to much. If you’d like one of the free taster sessions for help with your knee pain, please use this form to tell apply and tell us more about it: >> Your Free Taster Application Form For Help With Knee Pain << - Or - you can call this number: 01429 86671 - OR - reply to this email letting us know you want us to reserve you one. Please do it before 5 other people or by Saturday at 3pm. Hope this helps! Enjoy the "indian" sun 😉 Paul :=) Click To Make Your Friends Healthy Facebook | Twitter P.S It takes us 15-20 minutes to show you how to end you knee pain… Please act decisively before winter arrives and makes it more difficult for us to help.

Paul Gough
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