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Knee Pain: Nine Things You Could Do If You Didn’t Have Knee Pain

If you’re suffering with ANY kind of knee pain or swelling, you won’t need me to tell you that it’s “life limiting”.

And if you didn’t have knee pain, here are some of the things you would likely be able to ENJOY doing again, immediately…

= = = =

1.) Waking up in the morning and effortlessly being able to put your own socks and shoes on (Hint: Without the knee stiffness or sharp pain…)

2.) Sitting at work WITHOUT your knee aching.

3.) Taking a LONG walk with friends and only ending because you’ve decided you fancy a coffee and NOT because your knee is hurting and you’re forced too.

4.) Going to bed knowing that you’re finally going to get a good nights sleep and are not going to wake up because of a dull ache or sharp pain in your kne waking you up each time you turn over.

5.) Getting down on the floor to play with your own grandchildren (Best bit: knowing you’re easily going to be able to get back up…)

6.) Being able to stand up for longer than 10 minutes without having to lean on your other leg just to ease your knee pain.

7.) Getting on and off your road bike quickly and easily and “skipping” the next day aches and the pains that would have inevitably come.

8.) Going for a run again without having to face the inevitable consequences of your knee tightening or swelling and FORCING you to stop and limp the rest of the way home.

9.) Take a long walk in the Cleveland Hills or the Woods of Durham without the prospect of having to spend the rest of the day with ice on your knee because it’s gotten so swollen.

= = = =

… They’re all the things that people tell me they really wish they could do, free of knee pain, when they first come and see me.

It’s a bit like a “wish list” clients give me when we first talk.

And one of the reasons I want to help you is I realise you are missing out on doing LOTS of things that you love to do.

(Perhaps one or two are on that list?…)

And it’s only at times like this, when you are in pain and likely to be FORCED into having to miss out on doing any of them, do you really appreciate how much you value each AND the amount of quality and enjoyment they bring to your life.


Would it make a positive difference to your life to be able to ENJOY doing things and going places without suffering knee pain – OR – living with the terrible fear of waiting for knee pain to strike again?

If the answer to either is “YES you would”, then you are “PERFECT” for Physio here.

And an easy place for you to tell me what you want to achieve from Physio, is here:

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Talk soon 😉


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P.S There are a number of ways I can help you…

And one of them is by offering you access to the “All Natural Therapy Programme” which is perfect for people, ladies in particular, aged 45+ and wanting to END chronic, daily and very annoying, even “nagging”, knee pain.

It combines ALL 5 of the Natural Therapies that we offer here and is GUARANTEED to work QUICKLY, or you don’t pay for it.

Ask me about The Natural Therapy option, when we talk during our free consultation.

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P.P.S For more top tips on ways to ease knee pain, please look here:

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