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Knee Pain: How To Stop Arthritis Before It Stops You!

Many people just like you are becoming victim of Knee pain…

This is FAST becoming one of the most common things we see and areas we treat in our clinics across the North East.

But before I tell you why, have a look and see if this sounds familiar?

There’s a familiar pattern that emerges with knee pain (before arthritis sets in).

It starts with a few clicks of the knees, just here are there. But nothing painful, and you think nothing of it.

Then as the years go on, some of those clicks become painful. And they start to ache a little bit more, commonly under the knee cap and inside of the knee.

Walking around the shops for a few hours and they begin to feel sore. And getting back up again after sitting watching your fav TV programme, you notice it takes a few steps for them to ‘get going’…

And they become even WORSE in the cold weather.

So why does this happen, and why so more now than ever before?

Well, let me share this with you…

 So many people are becoming victims of bad footwear trends.

Plimsolls and ballet/bump style shoes are the top of that criminals list that I come across almost on a daily basis, but there are many more besides them.

More commonly worn now then before. They have zero support for your feet. Absolutely zip. So eventually with time, the ligaments (what hold the bones together) around your foot and ankle become too loose. Meaning, every time you put any weight onto your feet they come out of the correct position and pull the rest of you out of position too!…

When this happens most commonly the feet ‘roll in’ (pronation might sound familiar if your a runner). If the feet roll in, it pulls and twists your lower leg which inevitably twists your knee. This twists and pull is only subtle to start with, which is why you only notice a few clicks. But then as it gets worse then, the knee will start to become painful and damage is starting to be done.

You should think of ‘clicky’ knees as a warning sign that something’s wrong so you can correct it before the damage is done and its too late.

Could this be you?

Here’s a few simple ways to help you check at home:

Stand in front of a mirror:

  1. Which way are your knees face? They should go straight forwards, no towards each other “knocked knees”, or away from each other either.
  1. Now bend your knees to do a small squat, as if you were going to sit down onto a chair behind you (any clicks?). In that position look to see where your knees are, they should be inline with your second toes. If not we’ve got a problem somewhere.
  1. Stand up tall again – can you see an arch along the inside of your feet? You should be able to.
  1. Now try standing on one leg. Easy? Or does it feel like the inside of your foot and ankle is rolling in? If its rolling in or feeling unsteady then this could be because you have lost the support from your ligaments in your feet.
  1. If you get pain on the inside of your ankle, try standing on one foot and then lift up onto your toes – if this is painful or your unable to do it at all then see a physio straight away before and permanent damage is done to the muscle.

[This one I got from a client of mine]

  1. When your step out of the shower next time, have a look at your foot prints on the floor. It should resemble something like a “C” like moon shape. Not a square.

This is just a guide for you to check you feet and knees at home yourself. But if you have any concerns about your knees at all it’s best to get them check by a specialist trained Physio (make sure they thoroughly check your feet too!)

If it is a problem with your feet that’s causing your knee pain, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution that protects your knees and you can keeping wearing all your shoes safely.

Incase you missed it from Vicki, Here is a FREE Report on the top 13 most dangerous footwear trends – and the unwanted health problems they lead to.

If you any concerns at all and want to have your knees checked and find out more what can be done for you, then please call our better Health Team today and ask for a Knee Taster Session with one of our Physios.

This is a completely FREE visit to see one of our specialist physic’s to give you peace of mind about the long term health of your knees and keeping active.

Speak Soon,

Sammy xx

We only have a limited number of taster sessions, strictly first come first served, so to claim yours before they all go call now 01429 866771 and the team will arrange your visits for you!


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