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Knee Pain: Why Knee Pain *ALWAYS* Happens To People Aged 40+ (…4 Reasons Why)

Tips for people with chronic knee pain :

Sometimes it happens…

You’re chugging along nicely.

You feel fit & well.

And you think your health problems are way off in the future for another day.

Then suddenly…

You feel something not quite right at your knee.

Maybe you even begin to kid your self that it’s nothing.

That it will go away on its own.

Or you just pass it off as having just slept awkwardly or something simple like that.

But there’s no obvious reason why.

No clue.

No real explanation.

And if that’s happened to you… Please try NOT to worry.

I know it’s easy for me to say from this far, but there are LOTS of reasons why your knee pain might have happened.

(And most of them are really easy to help…)

For example…

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* You’ve WALKED everywhere all your life, trying to keep your heart and lungs healthy, pounding the hard surfaces where you live, and maybe even wearing the wrong type of footwear, and all that is finally beginning to damage the surface of your knee

* Maybe you hurt your knee years ago, had a fall or a twist and thought nothing of it because the pain came and went, but the real damage it caused has been slow in building and finally reared its ugly head

* Perhaps you’re always sitting in the wrong position at work, slouching on the couch or sleeping in a funny way, all of which can damage your knee, given enough time

* You spend lots of time on the road and in your car – meaning your knee is always stiff and twisted, making it worse with each day that passes by


…And so the list goes on.

Really, there are all kinds of reasons why you could be suffering from knee pain, swelling or stiffness.

But most of them are “natural” processes and nothing that other people aren’t suffering with or anything that we can’t help you out with.

Tip: Please don’t make the mistake of listening to friends or even a GP who tells you that “nothing can be done”, it’s your age and you’ll have to accept, or any other nonsense like that.

And please don’t wait for “TIME” to help you out – miracle cures don’t help degenerate knees and when it comes to chronic knee pain, time is of the essence and waiting for time will only make it worse.

Even from this far – I KNOW there ARE some really simple changes that I could suggest that will make a BIG positive difference to your knee pain and will let you walk or run further for longer, minus any pain.

If you’d like me too…

I could talk to you about wearing the RIGHT footwear, show you what to put on your knee to stop swelling and any unwanted “heat” from building up (…it’s NOT a “support”)…

…I could confirm whether or not you’re doing the RIGHT exercises which are VITAL to protect your knee and something you must be doing before it’s too late and surgery becomes inevitable.

Most people don’t know this, but knee pain is actually made worse as result of a weak and really stiff LOWER BACK and the position that your feet are in wen you walk.

I could easily recommend one or two changes to help with that, too.

Would you mind if I proposed that a good place for us to start is by talking on the Phone?

I’ll show you WHY we’re completely different from any GP or other Physio you might have already taken advice from, and you’ll learn quickly why, if you want a NATURAL end to your knee pain, more about how we’ve got the PERFECT solution for you that involves all of our Natural therapies combined in one very NATURAL programme that is proven to work fast.

It’s very popular with people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and includes – Physio, Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates, Yoga all combining to make a big difference FAST.

But let’s start here:

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Talk soon,

Paul ;=)

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P.S Any investment you make at my clinic is backed by a firm promise that we make you happy, or you leave without paying.

You enjoy ALL of your time with us and LOVE what we do for you, or you get ALL your money back.

I want you to know that so that you can come and enjoy everything we can do for you here knowing that you ARE going to see and feel positive results, or you’re not going to have to pay any costs.

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