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Knee Pain: “Who Else Is Suffering With Knee Pain And Fed Up Of Taking Painkillers And Being Told Lies By Their GP?”

This letter is for the person who is suffering from daily, annoying and chronic knee pain.

You know, the type of “ache” and “sharp pain” where you get so nauseated that you feel your only option is to stop what you’re doing completely, look for the painkillers and wonder how long you’ll be told to rest for this time!

The thing is, all those painkillers are not good for your stomach and the long periods of rest you’ve been told about, it’s not likely to be doing you much good either.

I’ve talked to many people aged 50+ suffering with knee pain who’ve been prescribed that many different painkiller types by their GP – that it’s a wonder they didn’t have a hole in their stomach, not to mention clogged up kidneys!

Over the last 11 years I’ve been working on a daily basis to help people aged 45+ recover from chronic knee pain – and what I can tell you is that the cocktail mix of more rest and more painkillers will do absolutely nothing to get to the root cause of most chronic knee pain – no matter what the GP says.

And it’s because I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the number of people suffering unnecessarily that I’ve written a 13 page report that details the 7 things any person can do to relieve knee pain naturally… and I want to send you this report at no charge.

knee pain tips

Now, I don’t know if these 7 things will relieve you of your knee pain completely. And I can’t promise that what has worked for most of my patients and clients over the past 11 years, will work for you.

However, reading my free report is sure better than spending another day “resting”, “accepting it”, thinking “it’s your age” or worse yet, masking it with painkillers.

If your recurring knee pain is affecting your job, your ability to keep active, threatens your independence or hinders your family leisure time… then you really need to read my free report.

The seven things I‘m going to tell you about in my report are not what THEY (the prescription pushers) want you to hear – simply because all of my tips are natural and they’re mostly FREE.

You can order my report today by calling this special free phone number now: 01429 866771

I want you to imagine how life will be in five years from now if you DON’T get a grip on your knee pain now.

How will your knee pain affect your job? Your preservation of self worth and your independence? Will you be a fun person to be with? Or, live with? Ok, you get my drift… It’s time to request my free tips report.

Call now, we will send your free report out the same day… Guaranteed!


Paul Gough

P.S When you order my free report within the next 10 days, and if you’re one of the first 7 people to call, I’ll also offer you a “done for you” exercise programme that you can work on at home to help you find further and long lasting relief from knee pain. physio clinics: Darlington | Durham | Guisborough | Hartlepool

Paul Gough
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